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Deferred Action Oranizations

Suggestions For Organizations Who Assist The Undocumented

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This document outlines four ways to reach the immigrant population who may be eligible for deferred action as described by DHS Secretary Napolitano on June 15, 2012. This proposal has been tailored mainly for organizations that have a grassroots membership base that includes qualifying undocumented youth.

Deferred action, which would stop the deportation of qualifying undocumented youth and allow them to obtain work authorization, is one of the biggest breakthroughs on the immigration field provided by the federal government in this decade.

We encourage grassroots organizations to collaborate with various entities in order to meet the needs of undocumented youth and also to maximize benefits for all parties involved. Here are some possible collaboration scenarios with each of this type of entities:

Law Associations

Grassroots organizations should approach local law associations to collaborate on hosting workshops for immigrant communities. In exchange for a venue and an audience to talk to, the law association would provide pro bono services to individuals of the grassroots organization. These individuals should be selected on a financial need basis.

Law Firms

Grassroots organizations should approach large immigration law firms (ideally firms that have family and removal practices) to host a workshop for community members. The workshop will entail a presentation followed by a Q&A session. In return, organizations should request law firms a sponsorship fee for presenting in the workshop. We can assist in obtaining these sponsorships. Please contact us at if you need help.

Law Schools

Grassroots organizations should approach law schools that have active law clinics to collaborate on hosting workshops for the community. In exchange for the opportunity to address an audience, obtain practical experience, and develop a professional reputation, the grassroots organization will obtain pro bono services from the law school for individuals in need.

Community Organizations

In order to meet the needs of the 1.2 million undocumented youth who could be eligible for deferred action, community-based organizations should work together to utilize their organizational resources efficiently. For example, such organizations could provide organizing and advocacy support for a legislative push for the DREAM Act and to stop deportations of undocumented youth.


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Download Suggestions for Deferred Action Workshops

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  1. Tiffany's Avatar
    Factors that push people into imrimgating to the United Stated have remained the same, especially when it comes to economic opportunities. My family immigrated to New York over twenty years ago for that reason, and it remains the number one reason why Taiwanese people wish to come to the U.S. Straight out of college or graduate school, a person, at best, will earn an average of 30,000 NT dollars per month, working an average of 10 hours per day. In U.S. currency, that is $1,013 per month. While the standard of living is significantly lower than that of New York, there is little money left for any enjoyment after expenses are paid. As for Mexican immigrants, I do believe that they are coming into the U.S. for economic opportunities as well. I remember watching a documentary where factory workers were complaining about illegal Mexican immigrants that were taking their jobs. There was a scene where officers would come into the homes of the Mexicans and arrest some to be deported. Yet, there was a distinct segment that demonstrated that those arrests were just for show. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the industries loved immigrants because they provided cheap labor and workers that could be exploited due to their illegal status. Today, it is the same situation. Those arrests are meant to quell complaints; the fact is that hundreds of illegal Mexican immigrants are let in each day. Few are returned. Our industries love illegal immigrants, too. They want the cheap exploitable labor to cut costs and increase profits.The current immigration policies proclaim to protect U.S. citizens from losing their jobs to illegal immigrants, protect the country from getting over-crowded, ensure income stays domestic, etc., but that is clearly not how they are being used. I bear no malice toward illegal immigrants. I understand their wish to have a better life and have nothing but sympathy for how our industries are using them. Thus, my problem with illegal immigration is in its ethics. We should not be exploiting illegal immigrants and treating them like they are disposable workers. Overly idealistic as it sounds, policies on immigration should be put more to use, so that immigrants can come in on a legal status and be eligible for protection. It is wrong for us to look the other way just so we can have expendable workers.
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