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Cargill to Outsource IT Jobs to India

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The StarTribue recently reported that Cargill, a giant in the agribusiness world, has announced that it will outsource a portion of its information technology services to India. This will affect 900 jobs worldwide, including 300 in the Twin Cities. These jobs will be outsourced to Tata Consultancy Services, a large IT outsourcing firm in Mumbai, India. Some of the affected employees may be offered new positions at Cargill, others may be offered positions at Tata, and the remainder will be laid-off. With three percent unemployment in the information technology industry, we don’t blame Cargill for outsourcing these jobs to India when our outdated immigration laws prevent companies from employing specialized workers here in the U.S., especially when the H-1b cap is reached in just five days. We encourage our readers to contact their Congressional representatives to urge that new immigration laws are passed. This post originally appeared on HLG's Views Blog by Cadence Moore.

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  1. ronnair's Avatar
    Sorry, but you are wrong. Cargill should train Americans and pay for their health insurance. This bad what is happening and it is NOT helping us out as Immigration Attorneys. We are being viewed as trying to make a quick buck at the expense of the American worker by trying to get more H-1B visas for these Indian Body shops. Let us be honest and call a spade a spade. 3% unemployment????????? LOL! How is that determined? This is very often MISINTERPRETED for one's own reason. What about retaining the long term unemployed programmers in their 40's and 50s??
  2. JP!'s Avatar
    The comment above is simply incorrect and ignorant of the realities of business and appears to confuse industry with charity. A publicly-held company has an obligation to outsource jobs if it will be more profitable for it to do so. The commenter above is saying it is the responsibility of a non-government entity to be paying for workers' health insurance and hiring American programmers in their 40's and 50's even if it's not a sound business decision? No! Absolutely not. The opposite. Such a company should be doing everything it can to remain profitable in its industry and make money for its shareholders. Not only is it OK for a company like that to outsource, it is REQUIRED. It is the duty of the US government to create an environment for industry such that it best serves the people of the United States. This may involve increasing the number, for example, of H-1B workers, such that at least the jobs remain here, taxes are paid, and those workers' money stays in the domestic economy. That would be smart. However, the US government, from the very top to the very bottom, has been so sadly derelict in this duty. It has left employers like Cargill and so many others with no choice but to move jobs overseas so that it can do its own duty of being as profitable as possible for its shareholders.
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