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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

Obama Admin Deporting Mothers and Children without Counsel

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.
Former Board of Immigration Appeals judge Lory Diana Rosenberg reports the following:

Are you aware of what is going on in Artesia New Mexico. Mothers and children are essentially being ordered deported without counsel, having credible fear exams without counsel. Decisions are being made before they are moved to Artesia, and counsel can barely get into the facility; its taking up to 6 hours to get cleared to get in; there are no lawyers or legal service providers anywhere nearby, and judges in DC/VA at EOIR are doing telephonic video hearings on small tv screens.

Ms. Rosenberg calls the outright denial of rights a travesty. I couldn't agree more.

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  1. Someone12's Avatar
    sniffle sniffle....gee, I am heartbroken that you and others from AILA are not being invited to the border to relieve these illegals of what little cash they have....what's the real point? That the US government is not willing to open its checkbook and pay you and the other greedy lawyers of AILA thousands of dollars in exchange for filling out some forms and coaching the illegals with bogus stories and claims of persecution? Why haven't the oh-so-concerned members of AILA rushed to the border to take in several of these illegals into their own homes, or do engage in (and this statement is heretical, no doubt) do some pro bono work....let me guess....your unabated lust for cash...
  2. Lrosenberg's Avatar
    Grab some tissues, Someone 12, and stop your sniffling. AILA members and other immigration attorneys stand ready to provide services pro bono. Some already are providing such services, as we have done countless other times in countless other humanitarian, immigration defense situations, where the highest level of excellence is required to insure that the rights of immigrants and refugees are respected. Your ignorance of the generous and successful legal work AILA members have provided over the years is glaring, yet you expect to be taken seriously. Furthermore, United States domestic and international laws provide for extending protection to children and mothers in situations such as the one at the border that we are confronting now. These are legitimate, valid claims, and our doors and our hearts are open.
  3. Someone12's Avatar
    yea...AILA is a real friend to Americans....selling out our country to any sniveling illegal who staggers across the border or overstays a clowns are engaged in a truly 'noble' 'profession....about as noble and ethical as TV evangelists...odd I have not read a single story in any newspaper about the alleged hordes of AILA members providing pro bona 'work' to the illegal brats arriving every minute at our borders....doing one case pro bona a year is not exactly seen as going out of your way....yea, keep up the good work, selling out our country....'highest level of excellence' really means billing some poor clown (or our government) some outrageous amount....I've never equated the phrase 'high level of excellence' with anything that immigration attorneys do....and how many is 'countless?' 1? 3? If the American people only had the true picture of how they are being sold down the river by those of you who could not keep up with ambulances.
  4. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Someone12 is doing immigration advocates - and immigrants - a big service by showing the extent to which irrational, venomous hate is at the root of much of the opposition to immigration reform and immigration in general.

    Keep it coming, Someone12! Bring it on!

    I also can't quite understand his fixation on lawyers. Did he try to get into law school and wind up being rejected?

    So much of the animosity in his ravings seems to be personally motivated - perhaps by envy and jealousy against lawyers who have the capacity and opportunity to help people who badly need legal help?

    But trying to figure out what is going on in Someone12's head belongs to a different profession from mine, so I will not pursue this point.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
  5. Someone12's Avatar
    Faced with a choice between becoming an immigration attorney or mucking stables, I would choose the least my ethics would not be compromised. You and the other greed motivated 'practitioners' at AILA are all about selling out America and American any visa cheat or border jumper who can steal enough money to pay must feel really good about yourself...say...why aren't you a real lawyer? You know, the quick witted types who navigate the court system...or who engage in tax law or corporate law...environments in which one has to actually think instead of coloring in the dots on forms a buffoon could complete....yea....a round of applause from anyone out there who thinks immigration attorneys are such noble creatures....hmmmmm...awfully silent out there....well, keep up the 'good work' $400 an hour...must make you proud to sell out American jobs to anyone with a help those who have ignored or thumbed their unwashed noses at our laws...laws even you don't respect....and certainly, much like TV evangelists, pick and choose parts of the law to fit your soap box rants....say your neighbors know what you do for a living? Probably not getting too many invites to parties and have a nice day....BTW, have you and ole Matt taken a trip to the border yet, to offer your services to some illegal brats pro bono???? What? You haven't? What happened to your alleged concerns for those brats? Guess if they lack the means to shell out big bucks to you and others, you are not interested in 'helping' them.
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