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Letters of the Week: July 28 - Aug 1

Rating: 6 votes, 5.00 average.
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  1. Don Riding's Avatar
    Your editorial mentioning Border Patrol apprehensions from 1976 through 2010 failed to mention one of the primary reasons apprehensions fell sharply after the mid 1990s. In El Paso, Border Patrol Chief Silvestre Reyes came up with a new strategy for controlling the border. Instead of just arresting every illegal alien they could locate in the desert near El Paso, Reyes stationed his forces behind fences and at railroad crossings in the El Paso city limits. Apprehensions went down because the focus was on preventing illegal aliens from getting into the El Paso city limits. The INS officials in Washington went ballistic because they didn't like the significant drop in apprehensions. That was how they had traditionally justified their existence and need for more manpower.
    In a few months the wisdom of Chief Reyes paid off. Crime in El Paso fell by more than 80%. A similar strategy was adopted for the San Diego area. For his efforts, Silvestre Reyes was elected to Congress as a democrat after his retirement from the Border Patrol. Twenty years earlier I had worked with Silvestre Reyes in El Paso, and in 1980 replaced him as an instructor at the Border Patrol academy. He proved that mere statistics on apprehensions don't mean as much as where people are getting in. You should interview Congressman Reyes and get his opinion on immigration issues. He doesn't sound like someone who belongs in the Border Patrol's Hall of Fame. I spent 39 years with immigration and worked both enforcement and benefits. My views today are similar to those of my friend, Congressman Reyes. I believe children should be treated differently than adults, especially those brought in at very young ages. I also believe in an agricultural worker bill, similar, but better, than the old "bracero" program. In retirement I have worked with farmers to help bring that about.
  2. Khalilah Sabra's Avatar
    When poor children wish to migrate, the natural fear of the conservative is " foreigners are at work sapping the foundations of our democracy."

    In reality, there is no graver threat to democracy than to deny it. There is no greater threat to democracy than the present cynical replacement of justice.

    As an American I am struck by the sheer beauty of this country, of its goodness and unrealized goodness, of the potential that it holds to render life rewarding and the heart pure. Surely there is enough for those seeking refuge within this country. It is a tragedy that liberty is not widely shared. These children coming across the border ought to be allowed a stake in the enormous gifts of American life. Whether they are from Mexico, Honduras, Syria or other far away places, they are all entitled to the opportunities we once prided ourselves on. When we turn newcomers away without due process, we soil democracy needlessly.

    They like others before them, struggle to transcend the cruelties of life. Their struggle will be unmercifully impeded by our leaders pointing their fingers towards the exit door. For they have surely forgotten that in part to be an American means to have been an outcast and a stranger, or to have come to this country as exiles'. For they have truly forgotten that who that denies the newcomer, denies America.

    Khalilah Sabra
    Executive Director
    MAS immigrant Justice Center
  3. linda grays's Avatar
    Enough! is enough! sure there are children coming to America, just getting cross our borders illegally, just because they are children, The problem with our president and congress is this terrible leniency and compassion, and no real laws, and no respect, and no respect do illegal aliens have for Americans who have legal status here, Let's face it, these children or use as a test, by millions of illegal aliens already here, They and other people told these adults and children that it would be easy for them to get to America and stay, this whole thing with these children was a set up, scheme plan, plot! They were told they will be allow to find parents and other family members, and would be allow to stay, they were also told that them being children they will be allow go to school in America, young pregnant woman are being told they could have the children born here in America with their hospital bills paid, and once their children are born here they will get an automatic American citizenship, and with this, they will benefit off our American government incentives, freebies, money, healthcare, food cards, WIC programs, low income housings, sec. 8 programs, all of this off of American taxed dollars, they were told that they will get work permits for jobs!! Our politicians tend to fall for to much of illegal aliens crap! In stead of enforcing strong laws, and closing our borders! Other countries poor tend to know how to use their children in America to get what they want, and it seems to be working in their favor with this president, and it tend just go over Americans heads, all of the time, with Americans left voiceless to the matter, with illegal immigration just nastily being force down Americans throats! Giving illegal aliens work permits, is wrong it is not fair at all, it is another force on million of jobless Americans, this will be putting millions of Americans in a terrible competition in getting a jobs, it is already bad enough that millions of illegal aliens have jobs in America while there are millions of jobless Americans, it is like jobless Americans have been traded for illegal aliens to have their jobs in America! again Americans are legal citizens of this country America yet they are force to just set by jobless and watch millions of illegal aliens have jobs here now on their illegal status, with sneakily underhanded ways to help millions of them keep their jobs here illegally, and because there are no longer control of illegal aliens in America, the majority of people who actually are working in America are legal and illegal Hispanics!! especially in California! What is wrong with this picture??? And the majority of Americans who are left jobless are American Blacks!!!!!!!

    How long will millions of Americans be with out Jobs in America, while millions of illegal aliens are allow to have jobs in America???? How long will illegal aliens or their countries be allow to throw their children at America doors to help them with a stronger push for amnesty??? America have no kind of control of illegal aliens, illegal aliens have full control of America, actually illegal aliens and all their advocates are allow to run America for their own purpose, and of course with the help of this president who is trying to make a legacy for him self with immigration, he seems to let no one get in his way, and when he can not get his way with congress, he believes in his executive orders!!! His so call comprehensive reform is just another amnesty disaster like 1986, once he get it started it will not be easy reverse! AMERCANS ARE GOING TO BE STUCK WITH WHAT OTHER COUNTRIES WANT OF AMERICA, AND WHAT ILLEGAL ALIENS AND POLITICIANS TURN AMERICA INTO! AGAIN AMERICANS WILL BE FORCE TO ENDURE IN A NEW RUN COUNTRY MESS!!!!
  4. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    The Democrats and apparently most readers are demanding compliance with the trafficking act hearing requirement for the unaccompanied alien children from Central America. Presumably, that demand is based on the assumption that a substantial percentage of the unaccompanied alien children will get asylum if they appear at a hearing before an immigration judge, but according to a recent TRAC report on the outcome of 100,000 cases in which unaccompanied alien children have had removal hearings before an immigration judge through June 30, 2014, relief was granted by the judge in only 1% of the cases in which the child appeared without an attorney. The percentage was 9% for kids who did have an attorney. See Table 5. Specific Outcomes for Juvenile Cases in the Immigration Courts.

    My suggestion is to ask DHS for weekly statistics on the outcomes of asylum hearings that unaccompanied alien children are having now before immigration judges. I think the reports will prove that it is a mistake to demand the hearings. The case law on gang-violence-based persecution claims makes it very difficult to get asylum from an immigration judge on that basis. See Matter of W-G-R-, 26 I&N Dec. 208 (BIA 2014).

    I think the children would be much better off if my proposal were to be followed, i.e., to move them out of the US to a safe, temporary location where UNHCR can screen them for refugee status. My proposal is explained in an article I wrote that was published on Lexis.Nexis. Is There A Better Way? - Meeting the Challenge of Unaccompanied Alien Children at the Southwest Border?
    Yet another virtually incoherent attempt to convince the reader that hot is cold, white is black, and yes, the border is secure! And you rely on a former DS agent, from the Department of State, to tell us the "real situation"! Come on, please! I do not know Mr. Stewart and would never impugn him or his experiences, but the opinions on border (or any) security coming from anyone with that background simply must be regarded with a great deal of scepticism. Look...according to Stewart's bio, all of his "on the ground" security experience comes from his time with Diplomatic Security. DS is a sub-agency within (and very much a part of) the Department of State. All sub-agencies, in any governmental organization, take onto themselves the ethos, the philosophy, the modus operandi", as it were, of the parent organization. DS is no different: how do I know? After a 23-year career as an Army officer I entered the State Department as a Consular Officer, where I served for 12 years in two embassies and two consulates. Because of my background, virtually all of my friends were (and still are) not members of the Foreign Service but the RSO guys, the DEA types, INS, and other law enforcement staff. I had a foot in each camp. I heard ad nauseam the snide and even hurtful comments my FS colleagues made about the DS people..."knuckle-draggers", "who left their cage open"...etc. I heard the scorn with which security matters were treated by the Foreign Service officers. And I was well aware of the tendency of many of the RSOs to resign themselves to the prevailing attitude in frustration.

    This is not to say that ALL Foreign Service Officers were this way nor were all DS folks lackadaisacal. Quite the opposite, in face, especially with the RSOs, many of whom were absolutely fine, dedicated individuals. My point is simply that the State Department does not understand nor value "security" and does not foster any security efforts other than the most absolute basic. The State Department does not "do" security! The DOS has an ethos toward the world of " let's all hold hands, dance around the maypole, and sing another verse of Kumbaya"! In the eyes of DOS, nothing is really "that" bad..."let's find the good in this somehow", "let's not get unduly alarmed", "when in doubt, issue". and so on, which explains why, in 1998 when Mexicans were rioting outside the US Embassy, throwing rocks, breaking windows, egging the building...we were not allowed to shut down the visa section, despite pleading from the RSO, and the same demonstrators were able to enter the compound , until Mexican police blocked them. This ethos is readily evident in the statement you quoted from Mr. Stewart about the Mexican cartels and their "morality"! Give me a break! Morality? Among narcoterrorists? That is State Department reasoning in all its glory! Does Mr. Stewart have any idea how crime syndicates operate? Sure doesn't look like it. They, Mr. Stewart, are CRIMINALS! That means they break the law! Morality??? Of course they will smuggle some terrorists into the US and they will get paid for doing it! Some morality! Geez! And you guys are using someone with that sort of thinking to bolster your position?

    Stewart states elsewhere that of course the border is secure because very few "terrorists" have been caught crossing it. So... according to Mr Stewart and you, it's ok if thousands of non-terrorists are free to wander across the border unimpeded and as long as they are not bombers, we can state that the border is secure? I would suggest rather, that if anyone can cross the border anywhere, without permission, that border is not secure! Here's another one for your and Mr. Stewart's consideration: in the 1990s some INS and Border Patrol folks were informally asked to identify, from photos, some Moroccans whose photos were mixed in with photos of individual Mexican immigrants. Not one even came close to picking out the Arabs in the group! Further, not one of the agents questioned spoke any Arabic, and while all could deal in Spanish, some even native speakers, others were only basic-level speakers! Getting Middle Eastern individuals across that border would not have been difficult then and I doubt it is any harder now. How many of our border law enforcement officers can pick out , say, a Pakistani or an Algerian in a group of Mexicans/Central Americans? Is there any Arabic speaking capability on our side of the border? Can Mr. Stewart himself speak Spanish reasonably fluently? Arabic? I remain very skeptical.

    The Berlin Wall was secure. Our border with Mexico is not. It may never be. As long as immigration as an issue is controlled by elements in our society with the philosophy of the [immigration lawyers], it will never be . But that is not to say that it couldn't be or shouldn't be, secure. Secure borders and controlled entrance/exit are essentials of national sovereignty and must not be ignored for short-term political advantage and financial gain for a few at the expense of the many.

    Sincerely, etc.
  6. mark.p's Avatar
    There is an abundant supply of local US professionals. These companies to save their dime cost the country millions of dollars. The non US companies are out to loot the country and such short sighted things have no sense.
  7. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    DONALDBREDAMILLER, why stop at the Berlin Wall? You might be happier with making the US/Mexican border into another demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Maybe we could even retain some North Korean guards as consultants. They know a thing or two about "secure" borders.

    Of course, that would involve giving visas to foreign "skilled" workers. So maybe it is not such a great idea.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 08-02-2014 at 01:16 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  8. Don Miller's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ImmigrationLawBlogs
    DONALDBREDAMILLER, why stop at the Berlin Wall? You might be happier with making the US/Mexican border into another demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Maybe we could even retain some North Korean guards as consultants. They know a thing or two about "secure" borders.

    Of course, that would involve giving visas to foreign "skilled" workers. So maybe it is not such a great idea.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Now there's an idea, Roger! Wish I had thought of that!

    But there you go one with any intelligence opposes the immigration of skilled professionals, proven entrepreneurs, educators, investors, et al. It is the other immigration, that you so strongly espouse, which is and must be opposed and halted. I refer to the very bunch at the border now: the illiterate, unskilled, possibly diseased, unassimilable, probably in many cases criminally oriented if not actual lawbreakers. The U.S. and the American citizenry are not and must not be made, responsible for those people. Responsibility here is quite clear: first responsibility falls to their own countries. Second, belongs to Mexico. They are in Mexico and it is Mexico where they must seek refuge/asylum. I am not aware of any provision in international law which permits "asylum-shopping". They can flee their own countries but they must stay in the first country where they are safe. Australia has the exactly right procedure: they must pass by or through six countries before reaching Australia and therefore they don't get to come ashore in Australia. Beautiful!

    But we don't need Koreans, though...last time I looked, we had an army, one of whose missions is, or at least was, to defend the United States against invasion. My definitions may be erroneous, but to me, a horde of foreigners pouring across the border of a nation not their own and without permission constitutes an invasion! Really, is it only an "invasion" when the invaders are armed? Did the tribal migrations into the Roman Empire qualify as invasions? Certainly the Romans regarded them as such.
    It is grotesquely humorous that the U.S. has descended from being the "World's Policeman", to the "World's Nanny", to the "World's Mother Teresa" to now, the "World's Orphanage"!

    How have the mighty fallen!
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