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Letters of the Week: Aug 18 - Aug 22

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  1. ChulaVista's Avatar
    Obama's Executive Action for Immigration is like sex without an ******.

    He is going to drag it until other events gain priority over the main issue of 11 million souls suffering inside this country, and they are completely forgotten.

    Moujan Nosrat
    Chula Vista

  2. Noris's Avatar

    This is what I think, Republican are responsible for immigration problems in US now , more time they need and the biggest problems they are going to face. The worldwide knows USA want to fix the broken immigration system and anyone around the world is trying to step in US to be part of OBAMA 's promise and the issues is getting bigger than ever. Especially sud American countries cause they have family in the US and they are closer. The Deferred action got nothing to do with children abandoned to the border because their families or parents know those kids won't be eligible.But What is in these parents mind , maybe if they got through and the new law that Republican won't pass since last year of immigration will make then eligible.
  3. MariaWolfinger's Avatar
    What executive action President Obana should take

    Section 245(i). Section 245(i). Section 245(i).

    Maria B. Wolfinger
    Bettwy & Wolfinger
    Phoenix, AZ
  4. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    How can prosecutorial discretion be used to make someone eligible for 245(i)? Among other problems, it's not an enforcement provision. It waives conditions that otherwise would make someone ineligible for adjustment of status. We looked at this provision when I was writing a comprehensive immigration reform bill for Ms. Jackson Lee. Among other things, it is an IIRIRA fix it bill. For the other fixes, see This is the 245(i) fix provision:

    Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1255(i)) is amended?
    (1) by inserting ??and?? at the end of paragraph (1)(A);
    (2) by amending paragraph (1)(B) to read as follows:
    ??(B) who is the beneficiary (including a spouse or child of the principal alien) of?
    ??(i) a petition for classification under section 204; or
    ??(ii) an application for a labor certifi- cation under section 212(a)(5)(A);??;
    (3) by striking paragraph (1)(C); and
    (4) by striking ??Attorney General?? each place such term appears and inserting ??Secretary of Homeland Security??.
  5. BL Martin's Avatar
    The United Stated currently is wasting the potential of millions of its hardworking residents by denying them training and opportunities to utilize fully their work skills. At the same time, American businesses are being deprived of talented and dedicated workers. Since the House refuses to act, I and many others want the President to do all in his power to resolve these problems.
  6. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    I wish the president could resolve the immigration problems, but he can't. Whatever he does is only good until he leaves office. Then it depends on what the next president wants to do.
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