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Letters of the Week: Aug 25 - Aug 29

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  1. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Today I watched the White House Press Secretary discuss what the President may do as regards our ?broken immigration system?. As with AILA, one apparently cannot say the words ?immigration system? unless it is modified by ?broken?. That apparently is now the will of God, or at the very least required by Federal law.

    As if that were not funny enough, he went on to say how the Republicans were against any ?reasonable? effort to ?fix? the ?broken? system and were doing everything solely for political reasons, but the President would not be acting in a similar fashion; he would leave politics out of it.


    Now I understand the concept that some words can be hurtful (still routing for those Washington ?Redskins? anyone?) but the endless hypocrisy and double standards of the people who are advocating for a de facto amnesty for all of the people in this county illegally is not only ridiculous, it seriously hurts their cause. Federal statutes refer to ?aliens?, and plain English dictates that if you are violating the law you are doing something ?illegal?, yet we are not allowed to use the term ?illegal alien?? They must be ?undocumented?, which could mean they simply left the relevant document at home rather than never having earned or possessed it in the first place.

    Although if you are against amnesty, you are called a ?restrictionist?, and often a ?fringe restrictionist?. That, apparently, is OK.

    But back to our ??broken? immigration system.

    Can anyone tell me what?s not ?broken? in this country? I doubt anyone would argue over the state of our VA health care system, yet I don?t believe there is a rule to insert ?broken? in every sentence that refers to it.

    How about our consumer safety and product recall system? Would anyone care to defend the millions upon millions of automobile recalls this past year, and the needless deaths which resulted from a lack of enforcement? Yet I don?t see it being called the ?Broken Consumer Product Safety Commission? or the ?Broken National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?.

    And our Treasury Department and Securities and Exchange Commission? How broken was that regime to let the financial crisis unfold the way it did?

    We also all know that our court systems function perfectly on both State and Federal levels, our intelligence apparatus is infallible when it comes to tracking terrorists (or at least the protected communications of Americans), our environmental protection regulations and their enforcement are faultless, and we have enough oversight that the CIA has never lied to Congress or the American people and Gitmo is a vacation spot.

    But they?re not always referred to as ?broken?, are they?

    So the Democrats and AILA and whomever else can refer to our ?broken? immigration system all they want, but it they would do themselves ? more than anyone else ? a great service if they?d at least be honest about it.

    I won?t hold my breath.
  2. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    And are you saying that the immigration system is not broken?

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
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