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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

The Audacity of Nope

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My latest op-ed published on Fox News Latino asks the question: Are immigration reform advocates really left with no choice this November?

The short answer: No.

I contend that the most powerful way to send a message to Washington is not for the Hispanic electorate to sit this one out, but rather to vote en masse for third-party candidates acting as a destructive force in as many elections as possible. Let the pollsters sift through the data to show that, absent Latino support, candidates of all party affiliation can not win office. This is the only way for the lesson to be learned that if you betray the largest growing electorate in this country there will be a price to be paid come Election Day.

Click here to read the entire article.

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  1. Retired INS's Avatar
    What makes you think that all Hispanics think and vote alike? Immigration is not the only issue Hispanic voters are concerned with? Many Republicans sat out the 2012 election because they were unhappy with Romney, he was not conservative enough. As a result they got four more years of President Obama. This is not a Presidential election year. Whey should Hispanic let others determine who represents them. What if the 3rd party candidate isn't acceptable?

    When I moved to Laredo, Texas I registered as a Democrat only because there were not enough registered Republicans to win an election. I wanted to vote in a meaningful primary, which was where elections were most important in a city dominated by Democrats. Hispanics should consider all options and vote for the candidate that best represents their total values. Immigration is not the only issue important to Hispanic American citizens.
  2. Lynn A. Bloxham's Avatar
    Really liked your suggestion as one should not vote on "who can win" but who best represents their ideology. An election is not a horse race, but an opportunity to support the principles one holds.

    Actually there is a political party that has survived every attempt by the Republicans and Democrats to ignore, marginalize and ridicule; the Libertarian Party. So far (since 1971) they could not destroy it.

    Written in their platform is a call for a much greater understanding of the benefits of Immigration. I would urge people who understand the importance of justice, self determination and the tie these principles have to ingress and egress, to carefully read libertarian literature and reconsider their reasons for loyalty to the R's and D's. I would urge you also to discover why each position is taken and the reasoning and logic behind those long debated ideas.
    PS Many people now are calling themselves libertarian who are not at all. It is very difficult, for instance, for a person to be a Republican and a libertarian. Too many principles are in conflict.
  3. MKolken's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Retired INS
    What makes you think that all Hispanics think and vote alike? Immigration is not the only issue Hispanic voters are concerned with?
    Pew Research: 70% of Hispanic registered voters say immigration is very important:
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