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Vietnam Dissident Fights To Go Back After Deportation To US. By Roger Algase

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It is all too common to read about people who are fighting to avoid being deported from the US, or who are hoping to to be able to return to America after being deported. But it is less common to hear about someone fighting to avoid being deported to the US, and who wishes to leave the US to return to the country that deported him as soon as possible, while resisting becoming a US citizen.

But this is exactly the situation that one of Vietnam's best known dissidents, Nguyen Van Hai, finds himself in, according to an October 22 article in The Guardian.

Mr. Hai, known online as Dieu Cai, was jailed in 2012 for "anti-state propaganda" based on his Internet posts and his founding of a journalists group which attempted to offer an alternative to state-controlled news.

He has been in and out of detention in Vietnam since 2007 because of his dissident views. The Guardian reports that intervention by Washington is believed to be connected with the decision to release Mr. Hai and send him to the US, where he is apparently neither a citizen nor a permanent resident:

"Just how Hai has ended up in America - rather than his home town of Saigon - is still unclear. According to the US state department, it was Hai's decision to travel to America. But even Hai himself, and his family, recount a different tale. Speaking to Radio Free Asia, Hai's ex-wife says he was suddenly removed from his jail cell, taken to the airport and put on a plane to Los Angeles - without any prior warning."

Based on the above report, it would appear that Vietnam does not have a procedure for issuing an NTA, holding a hearing before an immigration judge, or allowing for an appeal to any equivalent of the BIA before deporting one of its own citizens.

The same article also quotes Mr. Hai as saying that the US government wants him to become a US citizen, but he has vowed to fight for his return back to Vietnam, as well as the return of all other Vietnamese exiles in America.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Hai will be successful in his battle to leave America and return to his country of origin, something which more than two million people have managed to accomplish without even asking to do so since President Obama took office.

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Updated 10-23-2014 at 01:53 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

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  1. Someone12's Avatar
    Of course, ole Rog neglected to mention that those 2,000,000+ lowlifes who were given a free ride home were a collection of irresponsible visa cheats and border jumpers....i.e., people who thumbed their unwashed noses at our laws.....and now...they can enjoy life in their own country, free to do as they wish, and as far away from MY country as possible....remind us again Rog....why should those 2,000,000 be rewarded for violating our laws and the sanctity of our borders? Because you think they should? How'd that work out? Why is it you think our laws are 'broken'...except of course, for any law that provides loophole relief for one of your over-billed see folks, immigration attorneys have no respect for our laws...just as their clients have none either....immigration attorneys are in the business of helping people keep on violating our laws..through sham marriages (often arranged by their attorneys!), sham work visas (again, often helped via a network of unpatriotic 'businessmen' who have a, ahem,' working' relationship with the attorney (i.e., sell out American jobs for money) or by crafting some weeping tale of persecution, then coaching their client to memorize the entire fabricated story....yea Rog, you and your cohorts provide some really great service to America....I just cannot figure out what it is....nor can anyone else.
    I'll buy a box of Kleenex next time I'm at the store, so I can mop up all the tears I have been shedding, after reading about those oh-so-unfortunate 2,000,000 who were booted out of the very country they snuck into or cheated their way into....sniffle sniffle...
  2. Someone12's Avatar
    and if Mr. Hai wished to go home, then give him directions to the nearest airport.
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    It looks as if that is exactly what Mr. Hai would like to do, if his own country would let him back in without throwing him back in jail.

    If he ever runs into anyone with Someone12's intolerant views, I am sure that would make Mr. Hai even more anxious to leave our nation of immigrants as soon as possible.

    Roger Algase
    Updated 10-23-2014 at 01:54 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  4. Someone12's Avatar
    Odd that because I prefer to have people in my country OBEY our laws, that makes me 'intolerant?'..while ole Rog and his band of Billing Men think that most of our laws are an annoyance....that they are there to be disobeyed, by lowlifes from other long as said lowlifes stop by Rog's office and get billed several thousand dollars to have a few forms filled out on their behalf...
    ever wonder why ole Rog and others of similar ilk conveniently forget to mention that the people they profess to support are those who have shown a total disregard for our laws? Billable hours.
  5. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    Communist regimes rarely put much stock in procedures, except for procedura, a/k/a guidebooks for "breaking" class enemies, you know, actual torture.
    Tough guy to want to go back. Of such bullheaded, stubborn people was the US made.
  6. prax1's Avatar
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