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Letters of the Week: Nov 17 - Nov 21

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  1. Linda Grays's Avatar
    Sure, America has a broken immigration system, why??? because our American politicians had allowed this for years, A broken immigration system should not be fixed by catering to millions of illegal aliens who had strongly taken advantage of our American generosity, who tend to constantly play on our American compassion and leniency, they even played on this even much stronger, because they know America with this president have this strong compassion and leniency! To help get an amnesty through the house, there are so many sorry excuses for illegal aliens in America! 1. in order to fix our illegal immigration broken system, America must give amnesty or legalization to millions or little less illegal aliens! 2. America must not separate illegal aliens families! 3. America should stop many deportations for illegal aliens! 4. America should not stop sanctuary cities for illegal aliens! America must not stop over crowding schools with illegal aliens children! America must not stop our American birthright to illegal aliens! 5.America must stop all immigration laws, our laws are to just leave illegal aliens alone, and do not ask them about their status! America must give illegal aliens government incentives! 6.many children should not be deported, when they cry or lie about an asylum! 6. It is alright for employers to hire millions of illegal aliens in America, and employers do not have to get rid of their already hired illegal alien employees if they do not want too, and employers the majority of time no longer get penalties for hiring illegal aliens, as long as they pretend they do not know that they hire them! 7. In American millions of illegal aliens are allow to be in competitions with Americans when it comes to jobs! 8. Millions of illegal aliens are allow to have jobs on all their false social security numbers false age, false names, no kind of back ground checks, which are strongly required for Americans! They are allow to actually work and bring home paychecks, while there are millions of Americans out of jobs! 9. A dream act for hundreds of illegal alien children who claim to be here as children, was given the dream act, which was force on Americans who have legal status to this country!

    To fix an broken immigration system in reality it should have been fix by strongly enforcing our laws, to do this illegal immigration, our politicians should say no! no! to illegal aliens sometimes instead yes! yes!
    Illegal aliens in America are spoil, so now they tend to expect so much from America, they do not care if they have to spit and walk all over America to get what they want in America! America has always respect and welcome immigrants, millions of illegal aliens are sworn in to become American citizens every year, millions of illegal immigrants come here to America on those B1 visas getting jobs, jumping in the front of the lines of millions of Americans, to millions of our technical jobs. (scientist, biologist, doctors, teachers, professors! Americans also realize that America is a country of immigrants, and a country of laws! America has truly lost control of our laws, so much until now millions of another, or other country's poor tend to just take full advantage of our poor immigration laws! And now our president and some people of congress feel in order to fix our immigration system, America must give illegal aliens what they want of America, and they claim they are doing this for the Hispanic community, because millions of Hispanics mainly have so many illegal relatives that they need to not be separated from. so now America needs to let millions of them stay, give the work permits, regardless if they will be in strong competitions with Americans in getting jobs. An executive order will allow more millions of illegal aliens to get on the band wagon to this amnesty or legalization!

    To make illegal immigration much corrupt in America Obama thanks in executive order to give millions of illegal aliens an amnesty or legalization will really help our economy! He ignores the facts that it will not, he refuse to see all the corruption or disaster this will bring America, why would you legalize millions of illegal aliens, and allow them to just over populate America this way?? by breaking our American laws, who have gotten by illegally in America for years! Our president might as well give Mexico all of America, now, American in reality have no real say so, when it comes to illegal aliens, massive illegal immigration is being force on Americans by this president, and it is not right, especially now when there are millions of jobless American who to have their own American dream! An executive order, will only strongly force Americans to endure in this big change of our country America, by millions of another country's poor who very well will take over America! Once they get what they want, they are going to want a whole lot more from America and they will get it too! AMERICA DO NOT NEED OBAMA'S EXECUTIVE ORDER TO PUSH AN AMNESTY OR LEGALIZATION FOR MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, IT WILL BE A TERRIBLE DISASTER, OUR BORDER SHOULD BE SECURE, OUR IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT WE ALREADY HAVE SHOULD BE STRONGLY FORCED! SO MANY THINGS SHOULD BE STOPPED TO ILLEGAL ALIENS IN AMERICA!!! AMERICA SHOULD STRONGLY PUSH DEPORTATIONS!
  2. Linda Grays's Avatar
    This is a very sad thing, about Obama executive order, it doesn't make any since, this is his way of getting back at the republicans since they won the house! He should strongly work together with congress, Obama executive order will not help millions of jobless Americans, it will actually hurt Americans, all Obama will be doing is continuing to exchange Americans for another, or other country's poor, being so America had allow so many of our laws to be block to illegal aliens, illegal aliens has been allow to just get away with all their wrongdoings, just spitting and walking all over Americans like they just do not exist in America at all, Illegal aliens and all their advocates have been sneakily setting house for illegal aliens for years, just helping them to exist with all of their illegal status here in America, they had found ways to help them get millions of jobs on their false social security numbers, false names, false ages! All of this, and what illegal aliens do is suddenly alright in America.

    Illegal aliens are now, so strongly more trust worthy to work in America then jobless Americans with all of their false social security numbers, false names, false ages, no real background checks, it is to the point where no American employers know who there illegal aliens employees really are! yet, at the same time Americans are required to have background checks before they are actually hired! And do not let an American have some kind of discrepancy, a felony some time some small misdemeanor they will be turn down for a job in their own country! All of this illegal aliens insanity has happen so much stronger since Obama has been president, and there are no stopping them either, and that is a terrible shame! Americans are so force to be jobless in America, because Obama and many in congress, and also many people in the Hispanic community feels that there is nothing wrong for illegal aliens to brake our laws, and get rewarded an amnesty or legalization in America, they all are pushing for their over population in America, They are always showing videos of their families telling us why they belong in America, there are not enough pictures of the poor and middle class jobless Americans and their families telling America that they are strongly of need of a job, and how they had lost homes and other things, how they had run out of their unemployment benefits, and had strongly depend on welfare, and why??? Because they have been replace by millions of illegal aliens in their jobs! And millions of illegal aliens in our jobs, are not doing agricultural jobs either, they are getting by on the sorry excuse, that no Americans will, or want to do the jobs that they do, this is sick! This is also a slap in Americans faces!!!

  3. AnImmigrant's Avatar
    As a first generation immigrant myself it always burns me and grinds my gears when I hear this ridiculous talks and even more ridiculous plans to legalize millions of illegal immigrants.
    You think about is called "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION" for a reason. How could you pardon someone who broke the immigration law?First of all, Every one of them did by either overstaying visa or by entering country illegally.
    Secondly, why do you think it's fair for some to jump the border and get to the American dream while others have to go through a due process and pay for the immigration lawyers/visa fees and pay taxes?
    Speaking of taxes...I know a Mexican family that cleans the houses. They have been in this country illegally. They have two kids that were born here. They both clean houses and never did nor plan on paying taxes. They use a state clinic where they get treated should something happen to them or kids. And they laugh at people like me who spent 6 years and truck load of money to become an American.
    I understand the political interest in getting all these votes but think about the great idea of American great-great-great grand-fathers slavery back in the 1800's. They also thought that they are getting a free labor. And how did THAT turn out for their great-great-great-grand children.

    United States is brought to it's knees not by it's enemies but by the greed of it's own government. A hard workers, patriots and fathers are thing of the past and it makes this greatest country of all doomed. Sadly.
    If this government will succeed legalizing the illegals it will be huge. Huge win for illegals and huge loss for American freedom.
  4. Linda Grays's Avatar
    An executive order for millions of illegal aliens will surely corrupt our American economy, and our American whole American constitution, our laws, rules, and regulations, it will be illegal aliens gain! and also at the same time, it will be Americans loss! Americans loss in their own country! Democrats and illegal aliens advocates always have this sorry excuse about how hard workers illegal aliens are in America, that is like saying that Americans are not hard workers like illegal aliens are, sure they are working, that is illegal in reality, employers have hired them illegally! These employers no longer get penalties. Let's face it, Americans are terribly being exchange for millions illegal aliens in our workforce, and this has been so terribly sugarcoated, all of what illegal aliens do in America is being sugarcoated, and on a hush! hush! period, Americans are tired of hearing how some of these democrats parents come to America as immigrants, so what!! as of now America have laws rules and regulations, if Americans are to abide our American laws, so should any one who come to America, illegal aliens have just under minded American laws like it did not exist, and now this is alright!

    Millions of illegal aliens over crowding our hospital emergency room they tend to be the first in line to get attended, their medical is already being paid for by Americans taxed dollars, they take strong advantage of our American birthright laws, this is total ignored, and millions of them that do work, got some kind of ID cards that take the place of social security numbers, has allowed them to fraud our IRS, getting $5,000.00-$14,000.00 on tax refunds, just going to relatives that do not live in America, they get so much tax refund money every year, and this is a hush! hush! And they do not have to pay this back, any American would be force to pay this back, their bank account would had been garnished, their paychecks would had been garnished, or they would or can end up in jail! As I speak many illegal aliens who are working in our jobs are still getting away with cheating our IRS with getting big tax refunds every year!

    Americans know that if Obama do an executive order for millions of illegal aliens in America, Americans will not get any real fairness when it come to all these illegal aliens getting amnesty or legalization, especially if Obama gives them work permits! Millions jobless Americans will be in competition in trying to get in the workforce, no matter how they claim that Americans will be first to jobs, it will not work that way, it is going to get out of control, all the paper work that Obama is trying to set up to make illegal aliens legal, is going to get out of control, there will be millions of illegal aliens lying about their identity, about how long they been in America, and everything else! It will not be an easy task with all the paper work in progressing millions of illegal aliens, Let's just say that is will be a terrible disaster just like the 1986 amnesty disaster!!!! It will be like giving America to all of Mexico, they will constantly be multiplying, not just by birth, but also by more family members, this is saying that America will be force to endure their over population, it would be alright if they had come to America the right way, but they over populating America by being rewarded amnesty or legalization!
  5. EveryoungRay's Avatar
    Legalization for All.

    Grant everyone legal status in this country without any condition. They have lived here for years, built up the economy and paid their taxes thus they deserve to be a citizen of United States of America.
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