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Letters of the Week: Nov 24 - Nov 28

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  1. Buck Maro's Avatar
    Thoughts on announcements of Executive Action on Immigration

    I am a legal immigrant from India who came to the US in August 2001 with a childhood dream of visiting the World Trade Center whose images had captivated my imagination since someone from the US gave me a copy of Children's Encyclopedia of the World when I was 10. No need to elaborate on how that turned out.

    I have been paying taxes for more than 13 years every day since the time I set foot in this beautiful country. I got my MS in Electrical Engineering and met my wife who has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and we have two beautiful children who were born here.

    My wife cannot work here because the field she specialized in requires Permanent Residence or US Citizenship and my EB2 application has been approved (I-140) back in 2010 and I am still waiting for PR due to the insane backlogs for people from India (and China, might I add).

    I fully sympathize with the people living in the shadows and don't think deporting all of them is the answer if you think that is my intent. I come from a country where poverty is rampant and the value of one human life is much much lower than in this great country.

    What I fail to grasp is how can the President provide work permits to people who willing broke the law and decide to settle down here. I know I will be affected because there are now 5 million extra cases to be processed in the system while I wait my turn. How is this fair to us immigrants of the legal kind? Yeah you can provide work permits to everyone who broke the law but cannot do anything for legal immigrants because hands are tied?! And a simple rule to provide EADs for H4s who in many cases are qualified has been languishing for years while people who are dependents of L get their EADs at the start?

    I fully understand the legal aspect of it that green card numbers cannot be increased but with a legislative change but yeah you can do that for the unlawful because it cannot be challenged.

    But hey you don't count dependents on H1B towards the cap but will do so for the Green Card process?! How does that even make any sense? Do you know how many bright kids on H4 that I know who have admission to IVY LEAGUE universities on scholarship cannot go there because they don't have permanent residence?

    This is in my view nothing but usual vote bank politics which also takes place in India widely but here it is done with a suit and a tie. Obviously if you provide work permits to probably a majority of the unlawful population who are from Mexico, their near and dear ones who are eligible to vote will vote for you. This is just to ensure that a Democrat is always at the apex position unless he or she commits a horrible blunder which will be punished.

    Just because legal immigrants don't have a bigger voice due to smaller numbers, they are always discriminated against. I also perfectly understand that it is not that the US law is not unfair to people of different nationalities. In fact it is very fair in that in allocates an equal portion of the immigrant visas to all countries of origin. Obviously it is the issue of India and China that they have the No. 2 and No. 1 populations that a higher number of people as a percentage want to migrate to the US. So I am not asking that there be special rules for India and China. Why even accept their applications and have them languish in perpetual holding patterns? Simply tell them don't apply, we have "enough of your kind" here!

    And please don't tell me that the big corporation advocating and lobbying for legal immigration change are doing so in the interests of employees. All they want is more temporary visas which will keep people indentured to their work place. And on the H1B aspect, yeah having a randomly drawn lottery on who gets an H1B is the best way to select who gets to work here - what a travesty?!

    This is not a fair immigration system. This immigration system does not belong to the 21st century. Understanding how efficient USCIS is at processing cases, by the time I will be processed for a GC in the legal line, my kid will probably sponsor me because she will be 21.
  2. Anjali Reddy's Avatar
    Of course
    Why not
    Borders r for crossing
    Happy holidays to you all
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