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Letters of the Week: Dec 15 - Dec 19

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  1. Linda Grays's Avatar
    It looks like Obama and many democrats are trying to force republicans to do an comprehensive immigration reform, to help his executive order for 4 million or more illegal aliens! Now the president is trying to make sure that republicans can not do any kind of defund that would help stop Obama poison executive order, What Obama did shows that he was not really thinking about millions of jobless Americans, he was not thinking of Americans period! American can not be fix by an executive order that rewards illegal aliens wrongdoings in America! If he were to do an executive order with an strong immigration enforcements, by strongly forcing more deportations, getting millions of illegal aliens out of Americans jobs, and replacing their jobs with jobless Americans! So many people in congress brags about millions of illegal working in America, regardless that they are working illegally in Americans jobs, regardless that American employers have hired millions of them illegally! These very same employers throw jobless Americans under the bus, at the same time slap jobless Americans in the face, they also just the same as exchange jobless Americans for illegal aliens, suddenly there are no kind of laws to stop this insanity, Now Obama executive order with work permits attached, for 4 million or more, will allow millions of illegal aliens to keep their jobs, while at the same time millions of jobless Americans will remain jobless in their own country! This will continue to leave millions of jobless Americans on a long waiting list for jobs!

    Work permits to 4 millions or more illegal aliens, is only going to put millions of jobless Americans in terrible competitions in getting jobs, with illegal aliens majority of time being first in line to jobs. to implement millions of illegal aliens into America well be an disaster in it self, because millions of illegal aliens are going have fraudulent paper work that is suppose to prove who they really are, and all the fraudulent background checks, and so many underhanded people who will show them how fix their paper work where it will not look fraudulent, This how millions of them have gotten in our employment now, they had help!

    Let's face not to many Americans can get away in America doing what illegal aliens are allow to do in America, Americans now can not get jobs with out back ground checks like illegal aliens can in America! If an Americans were caught to have fraudulent papers to help them get employment if they were to be found out, they would get fired!

    What Obama wants for illegal aliens in America will not help our American economy, it only will make our America economy a terrible disaster, There will not be any kind of fairness that much when it comes to Americans in their own country, How can Obama be allow to change our American laws for millions of another country poor? This another country poor who come here illegally or over stayed their visas who are allow to strongly demand America to change our American laws for them, over Americans heads! Obama is trying to get 4 million or more illegal aliens implemented in America before his executive order could be stop if this should happen, he knows that once millions of them get all their paper work done, that it will be properly be hard to reverse it, Obama executive action is so wrong, and seems no one wants to impeach him for this wrong action! Another thing that was not right Obama sneakily did his executive order behind republicans back, he did this because after the republicans had won the house, he did not want to wait for them to get sworn in the house in January, because they would have a much stronger say in what they want of this illegal immigration poison or insanity in America, It would not matter if the republicans had sent a bill or not, if it was a bill they Obama and the democrats did not agree with, he would pushed his executive order for 4 millions illegal aliens any way. so he just continue to use this excuse that republicans did not sent him a immigration reform!

    This Lou Guerreuz said that if they hurry up and get these millions of illegal aliens to get all their paper work, background checks done, it would be hard to reverse Obama executive order, he said just like 11 millions of illegal aliens that are already here, and America can not deport 11 million because there are just too many of them to deport, So America are force to find ways to keep them in our American economy! regardless how Americans suffer, So this is how it works in America, in order to stay or get your way in America or come to America illegally by the millions you would be allow to stay!!!!!!!!!

    Republicans should really help Americans by really trying to stop Obama's executive orders, If they could find ways to push a law to get millions of illegal aliens out of our jobs, and make sure their jobs get replace by millions of jobless Americans, find employers and investigate employers who have illegal aliens in their jobs and force them to remove all their illegal alien employees, Just by them pushing strongly to enforce our immigration laws already on the books, make any illegal aliens who want to work or stay in America to do it right, they should strongly push and enforce millions of illegal aliens to abide our laws, they should not reward illegal aliens for their wrongdoing, they should not allow them to get in the front of the line of those who want to come to America the right way!!!
  2. Linda Grays's Avatar
    illegal immigration

    What is happening to our America? It is a shame that no one know rather Obama's executive action is unlawful or not! is it that hard to find that out??? many people in congress has allows a president to just do things on his own without congress, without the voice of Americans, If any president can do an executive order to change any kind of laws, why should America have a congress at all!!!! Obama's executive orders again is a total disaster for America, Our America broken immigration system cannot be fix by changing our laws, allow millions of illegal aliens to just roam around freely in America illegally or giving them amnesty or legal status, to make everything alright with them being here, just putting millions of them in the front of line of millions of jobless Americans! Since Bush and now Obama, Americans has been strongly force to be jobless while millions of illegal aliens were allow to work, actually have jobs in America illegally! All of this is because of the weakness and too lenient people in congress, they had made our laws so unfair when it comes to illegal immigration in this country, These very same people could care less about their own millions of jobless Americans, for if they did they would have try to fix our broken immigration system in the right way, that is by enforcing immigration laws already on the books! They would had push for more deportations, more laws that would had push to get millions of illegal aliens out of Americans jobs, and replace all of their jobs with millions of jobless Americans! This kind of immigration enforcement should have come before any kind of executive order, or comprehensive immigration reform!

    There should have been no kind of sorry excuses from illegal aliens and all their advocates, excuses like million of illegal aliens have children born here in America, especially when in reality our birthright laws has been broken by millions of illegal aliens, they are allow to take fully advantage of it, they can come to America and have their children born here any time they want to, just for their own personal reason, just to help them stay, and ride on the back of their children that are born in America, and it also help them so strongly use the excuse, to not separate them from families, even allowing their children to just over crowd our schools, another excuse that they were allow to use to get over in America, for this dream act, is for all their children who came to America at no fault of their own! Illegal aliens our actually conquering America with all their wrongdoings, and are be allow to get over Americans heads with all of their excuses, bold, and rude ways!

    If Obama could do an executive order for 5 million or more illegal aliens in America, he might as well give all of America to another country poor!
    like Mexico being so the majority of illegal aliens are coming from Mexico, All is really happening is him with his own laws, rules, and regulation, turning America into another 3rd world country! And all the wrong, unfair, bold, and rudeness is strongly force on poor and middle class jobless Americans, regardless how Obama and mostly democrats feel that illegal aliens will be good for the America economy!!! Obama has put millions of poor illegal aliens before poor and middle class Americans, who have legal status to America, Americans have been literately exchanged for illegal aliens, and it looks like there are no one who can stop Obama!! The poor and middle class Americans are so scare of what America is becoming with president Obama! Because America now have so many corrupted laws that allow so many wrongdoings in America now! even in our sorry supreme courts, I hope when the republicans are sworn in in January, that they could stop Obama's executive action, all of his corruptions, strongly stand up to him strongly help Americans by enforcing our immigration laws, forcing more deportation, help get more illegal aliens out of our jobs, and replace their jobs with millions of jobless Americans! This will truly be fair and right!!!!
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Jeb Bush may be more realistic and closer to the center on immigration than the rest of his party, but does he really have any serious chance of being nominated for president by a Republican party that lurches farther toward the extreme white supremacist right on immigration with each passing year?

    More likely, Jeb Bush will be remembered by history mainly for his role as governor in helping to rig the 2000 Florida election to put his brother in the White House.

    Roger Algase
  4. Good Food's Avatar
    I know it's not specifically immigration related, but how do you feel about the Taliban killing a group of 140 mostly students in Pakistan? If Romney is "Nazi"-like and "cowardly" for disagreeing with your approach to immigration what words do you have left over for them?
  5. DONALD MILLER's Avatar
    All well and good, but what about the vast majority of Americans who do not want to live in a Latin American country? Historically when large groups of foreigners move into another country and settle, it is referred to as an invasion and conquest. Also historically, the settled population does not want this to happen. In this instance, however, the native inhabitants have no say, according to you, and the only voice of any consequence is that of the invaders.
    Strange new world!
  6. Irwine Clare's Avatar
    Sorry guys I am not a supporter of Jeb Bush. I think you all need to rethink your reasoning.

    Irwine G Clare, Sr. OD
    Managing Director
    Caribbean Immigrant Services, Inc.

    Team Jamaica Bickle
  7. JoQuin's Avatar
    Its time Congress drop the Draconian laws of 1996 Bars on former LPRs with a single non violent offence over 15 yrs old, allowing them a waiver to re-unite with families re-claim their possessions , homes etc and get their SS they put in the system as they are now older and if no new offence why not, many g/friends and wives ended up with agg felony charges the first time in their lives and got deported after the law passed although their charges were prior....not saying this should apply to menaces to the society or those who are habitual criminals or a threat...It should be for those with one offence (non violent) over 15 yrs, worked and paid tax and also SS
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