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Letters of the Week: Dec 29 - Jan 2

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  1. Tobias Nojob's Avatar
    The recent ?Executive Actions? on immigration are in anyway a real guarantee that these new guidelines will be fully implemented: the Secretary of Homeland Security could simply postpone (and even modify or nullify) these procedures if circumstances beyond the agency?s control force to take such approach ? viewed from a legal standpoint, Secretary Johnson has indeed the power to issue new immigration directives nullifying the ones enacted on 11/20/14.

    These are plausible scenarios that should be taken in consideration:
    ? A new military conflict involving US forces: the ongoing events in Ukraine may force the intervention of NATO in the coming months. Let's not forget that the US Government has already committed an Act of Aggression against the Russian Federation by making into law the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 and Executive Order 13685. Under International Law, Russia is entitled to retaliate with of all conceivable means available at their disposition, including the military option (UN Charter, Chapter VII, Article 51).
    ? An impending collapse of the US economy: certainly the US dollar is losing its privileged status as the world?s reserve currency, to be replaced either by IMF?s Special Drawing Rights and/or China?s Yuan...the consequences of such outcome will be devastating for the American economy.
    ? A massive social unrest within United States territories due to worsening economic conditions (ordinary Americans witnessing their purchasing power being destroyed due to hyperinflation, rampant unemployment, etc).
    ? Domestic insurrection: the recent killings of NYPD officers at the hands of an individual that advocated disturbing views against the establishment...everybody should wonder, how many people in the United States share the same ideology and are willing (and ready) to challenge the authorities, and take matters in their on hands.

    Consequently, it is extremely questionable the recent approach taken by President Obama on the immigration agenda.
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