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Letters of the Week: Jan 26 - Jan 30

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  1. Thuy Duong's Avatar
    We are petitoners who have been waiting for too long time for becoming a legal immigrants , by f3-case . We still wait and hope to touch the immigrant visa after waiting 9 years, but there are 2 more years to wait for uniting while the illegal people can stay and get what they dream in a short time . We are "dreamers" either, we even bring money to your country to buy house , we sent our children to your country to study , we are ready to be good residents in your country but we have to be patient to look up . Please don't ignore us !
  2. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    Have you read the Secure Our Borders First Act? Homeland Security Chairman McCaul's summary of the bill is available at, It is a transparent attempt to block comprehensive immigration reform legislation. The republicans have been saying all along that they won't go along with comprehensive immigration reform until the border is secure. Of course, they haven't produced a criterion for determining when that has happened. Enter the McCaul border security bill. It would establish a list of requirements that have to be met to call the border secure, and as it happens, the goals the bill sets are impossible to achieve. i will just mention a few. Operational Control along the entire southern border in five years. "Operational control" has been defined as ?the prevention of all unlawful entries into the United States, including entries by terrorists, other unlawful aliens, instruments of terrorism,narcotic sand other contraband.? (Secure Fence Act of 2006) Requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to implement biometric exit at the nation?s air, land and seaports of entry within two years at the busiest ports of entry and within five years at all ports of entry. The entry/exit system idea has been bouncing along since IIRIRA was enacted in 1996. Hasn't been implemented yet. It's less problematic if it is just an exit system, but at all air, land, and seaports? And how is the bill going to enforce the impossible mandates? If operational control is not achieved within the timelines outlined in the bill, political appointees will be penalized. They will not be allowed to travel on government aircraft, will be prohibited from non-essential training/conferences, and will not receive bonuses or raises.
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