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Letters of the Week: Feb 16 - Feb 20

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  1. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    Best to read the judge's decision before commenting on it. It is available at
    I haven't read it yet.
  2. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    Sorry, my title didn't appear with my comment. I was referring to The preliminary hold on President Obama's deferred action initiatives.
  3. Linda Grays's Avatar
    Americans do know that this is a country of immigrants, and also a country of laws, with president Obama, we seemed to no longer have any kind of real immigration laws any more, Our American laws are now being run by illegal aliens and all their advocates, and of course president Obama, and mostly democrats, it is to the point that if you are not for illegal aliens, there is something wrong with you, or you are just racist, and now in America if you become a president candidate you cannot win an election if you are not for millions of illegal aliens roaming our America illegally! if you do not feel or want to give 11 million illegal aliens some kind of amnesty, legalization, a bunch of work permits to make illegal immigration in America alright. Americans are being terribly force to watch how illegal aliens implement and use forces to use all their strategies and excuses to impact America! It has gotten to hard to stop them because Obama has to many illegal aliens yes! yes! people, he had allow millions of illegal aliens and their advocates to just run America for their very own purpose, All Americans are getting now from Obama, and a bunch of democrats, illegal aliens and all of their advocates is a bunch of crying about illegal children, illegal aliens being so separated from families, millions of illegal aliens children being sent across our borders. and how much America needs millions of illegal aliens for the good of our American economy.

    This is at a time where millions of Americans are at hardship in their own country, millions of them are relying on welfare, not because they want to, because they are force to, because there are millions of Americans out of jobs, Our president just the same says , that it is alright for millions of illegal aliens to work in America, while there are millions of Americans left jobless, Obama see nothing wrong with his executive order for millions of illegal aliens, and giving the work permits to work in America, while at the same time their are millions of jobless Americans! With president Obama America no longer is a country of laws, it is no longer a country for legal immigrants, America is for just any body who can cross our borders. Any illegal aliens can come to America and just lie about anything, and have babies born into instant America citizen at any time, this America birthright laws make it so much strongly difficult for our illegal immigration issue also, illegal alien children period is making our immigration system difficult! It is to the point that illegal aliens see no wrong that they do in America, to them they suddenly have rights, where Americans no longer have rights in their own country, illegal immigration is being just thrown at Americans, it is a big slap in the face, and American are told to just deal with this illegal immigration poison in America! Obama now is going to strongly push this illegal immigration poison on Americans before his time is up, and he is certainly going to try and make it so strongly difficult for the republicans in 2016, and a republican president in 2016! he is strongly trying to make giving what illegal aliens want of America, by giving it to them his legacy!!!! No illegal aliens should be working in America now or ever, or should they get jobs before millions of jobless Americans! Obama may win his case, because he have so many illegal alien yes! yes! democrats, and yes! yes! illegal aliens advocates! I truly hope not! I hope all the big courts like supreme court judges see it wrong like the majority of Americans and republicans who see it Americans way....
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