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Letters of the Week: Feb 23 - Feb 27

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  1. R. L. Ranger's Avatar
    Congratulation to Linda Grays whose frequent letters are about the only sensible thing that can be read from your emails that is not slanted to the illegal and legal invasion of America with the often if not usual Alinsky style propaganda, name calling and ridicule of the common-sense, limited approach.
  2. Linda Grays's Avatar
    courts Halting Obama's executive order temporary is a good thing, it should be stopped forever. Our broken immigration system should not be fixed by not enforcing our American laws, and it also should not be fixed by giving America away to millions of other country poor who have just under mind our laws, regardless of all of there excuses! Millions of illegal aliens had learn how to just take fully advantage of America, even more so with president Obama, they now have no clue that in reality that they are here illegally in America, they should not have the same right as Americans, they should not be first in lines to our jobs in America, with or without work permits, besides, they should not be issue work permits period, or other Americans incentives, it would put them in strong competition with millions of jobless Americans, Why should any American compete with an illegal aliens any way?? This doesn't make any sense. Now illegal aliens are so strongly allow to use all kind of excuses, so that they can stay in America, especially the one about separating them from families, Since they know that this is so sensitive to Obama and many democrats in congress, they continue to use this, and throw this excuse to the American people, also since that they know that this is a real good excuse to the majority of democrats and Obama, they continue to use this, at the same time they continue to use, or allow to use our Birthright laws to have their children born here, as instant American citizens, I am so tire of her people saying that illegal aliens are not eligible for welfare in America, Yes they are, they know exactly what to do, to get welfare benefits, and that is just have children born here in America, and they do just that strongly, suddenly they can benefit for many government freebies, including low income housings, sec. 8 programs and more, so what they do, they continue to take advantage of our American birthright laws, by having children born in America, that is even as soon as they cross the borders pregnant, just in time to give birth at the nearest American Hospital. The parents are able to just ride on the back of their so call American children, for all of this to be happening, it just shows that American no longer have any kind of immigration laws or laws to stop illegal aliens wrongdoing in America! American birthrights to any illegal aliens should stop to illegal aliens, because they are strongly taken advantage of this, it also make illegal immigration a difficult issue in America, it also help millions of illegal aliens cling to America, and refuse to leave.

    Obama and the majority of democrats and some republicans want to reward millions of illegal aliens for all their wrongdoings! And because of this America has become a total illegal immigration disaster, There is no longer any kind of law to stop illegal immigration, Obama wants to just continue to cater to illegal immigration in America, instead of correcting it by enforcing our immigration laws we already have on the book, Why should America fix a broken immigration system by just catering to illegal aliens wrongdoings???? How can this be so good for our American economy especially when our economy is becoming so over populated by others or another country's poor, just allowing them to just take over America like they do! America need more deportations, why blocked them, there should come a time where many families should be deported together, this would stop all the excuses and crying about them being separated from families, America must stop allowing illegal aliens and all of their advocates from running America, stop them from changing our American laws just for their own purpose! When it comes to illegal immigration in America, Obama is strongly trying to make him self an legacy before he leaves. He is not really thinking about Americans, and their American dreams, Millions of Americans are jobless, at the same time while millions of illegal aliens have jobs here, and are actually working, this just doesn't make any since, and it is not right, or is it fair! What is happening to America?? There is nothing wrong with immigration, it is something wrong with illegal immigration, especially when it comes to millions of illegal aliens in America!
  3. Kevin Burke's Avatar
    While I am interested to see how the SEC will handle EB-5 enforcement going forward and I agree with the general tone of your comment, that last paragraph is inexcusably racist. No one forced any of these American* attorneys to take on these cases or to engage in risky, and possibly unethical, behaviour.

    * ?American? here means either a person who was born and/or raised in the US, or someone who has been deemed fit to practice law in a US state, territory, or district.
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