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Jason Dzubow on Political Asylum

Bibi Netanyahu's Full-Employment Plan for Asylum Attorneys

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Perhaps you've heard about the plan by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to derail U.S.-Iranian negotiations over Iran's nuclear program. Many Republican leaders have joined the effort, and 47 Senators (all Republican) led by Tom Cotton wrote an open letter to the Ayatollahs warning them against a deal. All this is in the public record.

Senator Tom Cotton: Warmonger or job creator?

What's less well known is the role of a powerful lobbying group, which has pushed efforts in Congress and in the media to end negotiations before any agreement is reached. The group is known by its acronym: AIPAC. No, no, not that AIPAC. I speak of the "Asylum and Immigration Professionals Advancing Chaos" lobby, also known as "the Other AIPAC."

Why would asylum and immigration professionals want to advance chaos, you ask. Although I shouldn't do it, I'll let you in on a little secret: Chaos is good for our business. Let's face it--the more things suck over there, the more likely people are to come here. And when they come to the United States, they need immigration and asylum lawyers to help them stay. Move over Big Tobacco and Big Oil; make room for Big Asylum!

The Other AIPAC has a record of success. Take, for example, the Second Gulf War in 2003. Before the U.S. invasion, our friend Mr. Netanyahu told Congress, "If you take out Saddam, Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region." I'm not sure about that, but taking out Saddam's regime has certainly had positive reverberations in the region of my wallet. Scores of Iraqi asylum-seekers have hired me since we "brought democracy" to Iraq. Thank you, Bibi and the Other AIPAC!

What's so wonderful about the Other AIPAC is that people seem to accept what it says despite all evidence to the contrary. For example, Mr. Netanyahu recently indicated that he would never cede territory to the Palestinians: "[T]here will be no concessions and no withdrawals," he said. He apparently views the land as vital to Israeli security. But what say the people who are actually experts in Israeli security. In contrast to Mr. Netanyahu's position, over 180 retired Israeli security officials--high ranking members of the military and intelligence services who have devoted their lives to protecting Israel--have strongly endorsed a negotiated settlement with the Palestinians and a two-state solution:

We believe that it is imperative, possible, and urgent to launch an Israeli regional initiative to determine borders that ensure security for the citizens of Israel and a firm Jewish majority. Such an initiative will strengthen Israeli society from within; allow for more effective handling of security threats; create dramatic political, security and socio-economic transformation; and enhance Israel’s international standing.

So does this mean that Mr. Netanyahu's position is actually endangering Israel? Is he substituting self-delusion for reasoned analysis? No matter, the Other AIPAC has got his back. More chaos = more business, that's our mantra.

But, you ask, what about Iran? Mr. Netanyahu says that we know enough about the current, not-yet-negotiated deal to know that it is worse than no deal at all. It will leave Iran able to produce a nuclear weapon in a short period of time, it will lift all restrictions on Iran's nuclear program after 10 years, it won't stop Iran's aggression in places like Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, or its sponsorship of terrorism. He gives us a simple alternative: Tighten the sanctions and hold out for a better deal. Sounds reasonable, no?

Well, let's ask the experts. The same group of retired generals that oppose Mr. Netanyahu on Palestine also opposed his speech to Congress:

[T]here is not a single security expert that doesn't understand that after this speech, Iran will not be distanced from the nuclear option it is attempting to achieve. The people of the US see the rift between the countries and the leaders, the people of Israel see it, and no less importantly, the people of Iran see it.

The international coalition of countries that has been squeezing Iran, and that forced them to negotiate, has been led by the Obama Administration. To be fair, the effort to isolate Iran began under the Bush Administration. But the sanctions have been significantly expanded under Mr. Obama.

Perhaps--as Mr. Netanyahu proposes--we could continue to tighten the screws on Iran, and our coalition partners would follow along. Or maybe, as many experts believe, increasing sanctions would cause the coalition to fall apart. Then, I suppose we could go it alone. Unilateral sanctions work so well, after all. Just ask Cuba. But again, all of this is of no consequence to the Other AIPAC. We say, "Tighten those sanctions! To hell with the coalition! Bring on the chaos!"

Ignore the experts, block all negotiation, pander to the base with angry statements about Iran, put partisanship ahead of policy. This is the Other AIPAC's recipe for chaos. And, as we know, chaos is good for business.

Originally posted on the Asylumist:

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  1. Feinbloom's Avatar
    Great post, on multiple levels
  2. Harry DeMell's Avatar
    When people tell you that they want to kill you and collect the weapons to do so it takes a babe in the woods to think that you can make nice and everything will be fine. When the cost of making war puts tham in a position that they NEED to make peace that might then and only then. Please don't be naive.
  3. Ari Sauer's Avatar
    This message is brought to you by NILLELSORIM (Naive Immigration Lawyers Lucky Enough to Live Safely Outside the Range of Iranian Missiles).
  4. JDzubow's Avatar
    The flaw in both your points is that most members of the Israeli security establishment agree that Israel would be safer negotiating with the Palestinians to create a state, and that Netanyahu's appearance before Congress did more harm than good. In both cases, it is Netanyahu who is naďve and who is endangering Israel.
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