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Letters of the Week: Apr 13 - Apr 17

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  1. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    The shocking, though not exactly unexpected news that USCIS has received almost 233,00 cap-subject H-1B petitions for FY 2016, almost four times the annual limit of 65,000, should be setting off alarm bells across America - not only as a warning to skilled immigrants and their would-be employers, but to all Americans about what kind of country we are becoming, or have already become.

    Remember, the 168,000 (more or less) potential temporary skilled workers or immigrants whom America will be turning away this year for lack of H-1B visas do not fit into the typical negative stereotypes used by the immigrant-haters and other bigots about illegal immigrants.

    H-1B immigrants, by definition, are highly skilled, educated and hardworking people who seek to come to (or remain in) America through legal channels and who have a great deal to contribute to our economy and our society.

    There cannot be any rational grounds for turning such a huge number of them away (other than the patent lie that they steal US jobs with "cheap labor" - a canard with the same, old, familiar, vicious racial overtones of the agitation against "coolie labor" back in the dark days of the exclusion laws beginning over a century ago).

    The fact that America is turning such huge numbers of our most valuable and qualified potential immigrants away every year is a dangerous sign - on a par with many other signs that America is being held sway by irrational forces of hate and ignorance - in many areas, some directly related to immigration and some not.

    These range from the insane denial of climate change which threatens to destroy our entire planet, to the relentless attempts to impose and aggravate income inequality to the point of turning America into another France before the 1789 revolution, to the open promotion of hatred against LGBT people - in the name of religion, which is supposed to promote tolerance, peace and goodwill among human beings - and, above all, in the delusional fantasy of some leaders of one of our two major parties that it is actually possible to expel 11 million men, women and children of color from our territory and seal off our Southern border against any more who want to come in.

    The refusal to raise the H-1B quotas is just one sign of an America that is succumbing to the forces of hate, unreason and xenophobia. Let this be a warning to us as a nation.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 04-14-2015 at 12:57 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  2. Liz Shawkat's Avatar
    H-1B cap and lottery

    I agree with you 100%. The other issue is all of the fees they could collect if the cap was raised. This would help them to better staff and cut down on processing delays.
  3. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    I agree that we need more H-1B visas, but I don't think just talking about why we need more foreign workers is the way to make it happen. That's not going to convince people who think the J-1Bs are taking jobs that should be going to American workers. A better approach would be to propose an H-1B increase that is combined with serious efforts to recruit and train American workers to fill the jobs that are being taken by H-1B workers. In other words, give us the number of H-1B workers that we need now and we will reduce the need for H-1B workers in the future by replacing them with American workers.
  4. Roger Bloxham's Avatar
    Rubio's internal contradictions.

    I agree with you though I will not say I did not almost expect it.

    t was a very strange speech in that he tried to praise immigration and yet made the sharp turn on the silliness of "securing the border." He should understand the basics of trade and commerce well enough to know what a closed border actually means. Lynn Atherton Bloxham

    Roger W. Bloxham & Lynn Atherton-Bloxham
    3407 Old Forge Drive
    San Antonio, Texas 78230

    The measure of a person's value of liberty is not how much liberty one desires for oneself, but how much liberty one is willing to allow others.
    Updated 04-16-2015 at 11:01 AM by IDBlog
  5. Maria Santamaria's Avatar
    Castro Rubio

    This Cuban will favor the group of rich cubans that were throw out of Cuba
    by Castro in the the fifties. He will use the word Immigration, to get the
    votes of the Latinos, just like every other president have done it. The, he
    will use the excuse of securing the boarder before any changes on the law.
    All latinos are aware of this game, so I hope that we get smart and not vote
    for anything that has Republican anywhere before or after their name. The
    kind of cubans like Rubio, don,t have time to help the middle class or the
    low income voters. They just care about to enrich their bank accounts with
    us. Just like they were doing it in Cuba. Univision a clan of reach cubans
    is a clear example of their work for the latino community.
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