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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

House Votes to Defund DACA

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This is pretty stunning. The House actually voted to approve Steve King's amendment to the DHS appropriations bill which would strip all funds for the President's Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program. That's the DREAM Act initiative that started last year. There's no way the Senate will go along and the President would, of course, veto the bill, but it shows that the House is not going to be an easy sell on an immigration bill.

The vote was 224 to 201. Three Southern Democrats supported it and six Republicans. Interestingly, none of the Republicans on the House Gang of Eight Seven voted against the measure.

I'm sure some will say they supported King on constitutional grounds. But let's start hearing from people on the House side endorsing the real DREAM Act as well as comprehensive immigration reform along the lines of what the Senate is doing and maybe we can believe that the GOP is not as anti-immigrant as today's vote certainly appears.

Incidentally, this happened the same day John Boehner wrote an opinion piece in Spanish for La Opinion trying to convince Latino voters that the GOP really cares about them. The optics of today's vote couldn't be worse for the House Speaker. How the hell did he let this vote happen? If he plans on taking a hands off approach on the immigration bill, we're all in trouble.  Since he's in a mood to speak Spanish, time to show some coj@$&es.

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  1. Bitter Truth's Avatar
    Republicans have easily forgotten why they lost the Presedential elections.....
  2. Sam's Avatar
    Why should house bother about President elections. More than 50% of republicans will not win primary if they vote for Cir. I do not think any one is foolish for self destruction
  3. Bye Bye House GOP's Avatar
    If House kills CIR, the Dem's are taking over it, in the next election
  4. CIR2020's Avatar
    The political winds are changing daily now, this is a real tumultuous with the multiple scandals, allegations, secret surveillance bs etc. I think the Repubs will take advantage of all this and use it to kill CIR and come out not looking bad.
  5. Bye Bye House GOP's Avatar
    The people who got Obama elected were the growing minorities, no CIR means they're gonna be pissed, they'll NEVER vote the GOP in again, ever.
  6. FriendOfImmigrants's Avatar
    How do you defund DACA when, supposedly, USCIS is completely funded by its fees from its clients? These politicians really are dumb ______!
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