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Letters of the Week: Apr 20 - Apr 24

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  1. Royal Madz's Avatar
    Undocumented aliens

    This is very false. They do not have Social Security Number. Their employer do not deduct and withholding tax to the got lest the employers will be fined the undocumented alien deported. The employers also cheat on their sales to cover up wages paid under the table to the illegal worker.

    It is economic disaster to legalize the 5million illegal aliens. Tow the line like the rest of the immigrants who came before us.

    Do not use the citizens taxes paid to keep them. While our children are toiling 3 jobs to keep and pay their education. We elected public official to work for the citizens and not for the illegal immigrants !!!!!!!!
  2. Paul Tallini's Avatar
    Immigration tax revenues

    I believe that immigration reform is necessary and evident by the economic conditions that exist today. We cannot stop the flow of illegals sneaking into the country. Make those who are here legal and part of the system, give new undocumented immigrants who enter illegally sanctions that are so unconscionable they won't want to come illegally. Announce the penalties in their home countries and the flow will stop.
  3. Tobias Nojob's Avatar
    As stated several times in the past, immigration is not a civil affair per se, instead it is governed by Admiralty Law ? registration of aliens.

    In fact, the US Constitution is based on British Common Law, Vatican's Code of Canon Law and Admiralty Law (influenced the latter by the Ordinamenta et Consuetudo Maris). As a matter of jurisprudence, this historical document adheres to the doctrine that Admiralty Law prevails over Common Law and goes in accordance with Canon Law.

    The American populace is easy to manipulate and subdue; Americans are extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically); they are utterly ignorant about their own legal system and the Constitution as well.

    Conversely, the so-called ?Executive Actions? on immigration (which are NOT Executive Orders as portrayed by mainstream media) ARE IN ANYWAY A REAL GUARANTEE THAT THESE NEW GUIDELINES WILL BE FULLY IMPLEMENTED: the Secretary of Homeland Security could simply postpone (and even modify or nullify) these procedures if circumstances beyond the agency?s control force to take such approach ? FROM A LEGAL STANDPOINT, SECRETARY JOHNSON HAS INDEED THE POWER TO ISSUE NEW IMMIGRATION DIRECTIVES NULLIFYING THE ONES ENACTED ON 11/20/14.

    Moreover, the ongoing legal challenges against the memorandums on immigration issued by DHS on 11/20/2014 are fair indicators that Obama's legal team did indeed displayed gruesome levels of ineptitude and mediocrity. Therefore, it is very questionable the recent approach taken by President Obama on the immigration agenda.

    It is imperative to reiterate that willful ignorance displayed by members of Congress, State officials and the political class while dealing with the immigration issue is an irrefutable evidence of constituents? stupidity (specifically those who are fervidly opposed to any sort of temporary relief granted by the Executive Branch to certain unlawfully present immigrants) and excoriating the current President on immigration is not going to elevate their brutish status.
  4. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    I wish I could accept the information in "Infographic: Setting the Record Straight on Immigration and Border Enforcement," but I can't. For instance, what is the basis for saying that net undocumented immigration is at or below zero? And does this calculation include overstays? The figure I have heard is that 40% of the undocumented aliens in the country are overstays.

    And what is the basis for saying that every single mile of the border is patrolled every day and in many places the border patrol has 100 percent eyes on the border? The Mexican border is 1,933 miles long, and crossings are made around the clock, seven days a week. How many officers does the border patrol have in the field now? But the real problem is using the arrest rate as the metric for judging success. As noted above, that doesn't include overstays; and the reality is that the crossings are made when border patrol officers are not in an area. These problems can be overcome with high tech monitoring systems, but so far, we haven't had any luck with the government contractors who have tried to install such systems.

    The Administration's figures on annual deportations include removals that previous administrations didn't count. Which count is right. I don't know. The point is that its comparing the proverbial apples to oranges.

    Nevertheless, I agree that the border is more secure now. My main concern is with the approach this article takes. We aren't going to get the republicans to work with us on comprehensive immigration reform by telling them that they are wrong or that their concerns are unjustified. On border security for instance, instead of telling them that the border is secure, which we know they won't accept, we need to sit down with them and figure out what still needs to be done. We are protected against craziness by the republican unwillingness to fund effective enforcement measures. They solve immigration problems by passing more laws that aren't going to be implemented instead of adequately funding existing enforcement measures.
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