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Illegal Immigration Bonanza For Economy (Border Security Sector) By Roger Algase

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Who says that illegal immigration isn't good for the economy? Try telling that to what The Guardian calls the "border industrial complex'. This refers to companies that are looking to market their high tech drones, sensors, advanced radar and i-phones with fingerprint apps to the Department of Homeland Security at events such as the "Border Security Expo" trade fair in Phoenix.

The Guardian writes in its April 26 article:
Inside the US 'border security industrial complex: spy tech meets immigration crackdown as follows:

"In a big conference room in the Phoenix Convention Center this week, senior Homeland Security officials gave statistics-heavy speeches to a rapt audience of executives, sales reps and law enforcement officials, each listening for hints about policy shifts and strategic goals that could make their products just what the government is looking for. Then, in the afternoon, attendees crossed the lobby to the exhibition room, where private companies hawk their wares."

Move over, Fashion Week, you ain't seen nothing yet.

The Guardian

"' This is the border-industrial complex,' said James Cooper, a professor at California western School of Law, who was attending the conference to research a book. 'This is like Dwight D. Eisenhower meets the medieval fortress, You're seeing this privatization of what is essentially a governmental function.'

(For the sake of younger ID readers, the above is a reference to a warning that President Eisenhower gave just before leaving office in 1961 against allowing the "military-industrial complex" to have too much power - a warning which has obviously been totally ignored in the ensuing more than half a century.)

The Guardian continues:

"Business is clearly booming.One estimate expects revenues from the global border security and biometrics market to double to $32 billion by 2021 - roughly half the size of the Department of Homeland Security's 2015 budget."

With huge amounts of money coming into the private border security companies, one might think that their biggest nightmare would be for the Mexican border actually to become secure, as many of our politicians claim to have as their policy objective.

But not to worry: The Guardian concludes:

"But it's not in the interests of any of these companies to agree that the frontier is tight and that the threat from criminal gangs or terrorists is being tackled correctly. 'Obama says he's tough on the border, but everybody knows he's not,' one vendor said.'"'

Nor, one might add, is it in the interests of the groups that are opposed to immigration reform on the grounds of "border security first" for the border in fact to become secure. Then immigration opponents would lose their main argument for blocking reform.

But, one might imagine, there could be an even worse nightmare for the border security complex, as well as the booming private immigration prison industry, which is now being accused of being responsible for abuses at the family detention centers at places such as Karnes, Texas.

What would happen if large numbers of people stopped trying to come to the US without authorization? Then, America's economy might really have a problem - at least in its private border security sector.

The Guardian's report is at:

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Updated 04-27-2015 at 11:42 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

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  1. Tobias Nojob's Avatar
    The ongoing soap-opera of illegal immigration in the United States will turn extremely entertaining when the US Dollar finally loses its privileged status as the world's reserve currency: place close attention to the moment when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) adds China's Yuan to the basket of reserve currencies (it will be a currency crisis of devastating economic proportions to the pockets of ordinary Americans).

    Senior citizens, retirees (including baby-boomers) and the disabled are the ones who will suffer most of this upcoming event due to the fact that they live on fixed incomes and the subsequent loss of purchasing power...THESE PEOPLE ARE ALREADY THE MAJORITY of the American populace (about 70+ million individuals and growing)...guess who will come to their rescue.

    It is estimated that this country will need at least 100 million newcomers from all over the world in the next 10 years just to sustain the Social Security checks of that segment of the population...and the rising costs of Medicare are not considered in these comments.

    Paradoxically, younger generations of Americans (people in their late thirties and below) will start excoriating senior citizens, retirees (including baby-boomers) and the disabled for becoming a burden to the system (the future scapegoats for all problems happening in this country); many of these young people are already migrating to other latitudes due to the lack of opportunities in the United States and being overwhelmed mainly with student debt.

    Another undeniable fact is that Americans renouncing to their citizenship is growing exponentially, and when economic conditions worsen, specifically when the currency crisis takes place, hundreds of thousands -if not millions- will simply abandon the United States of America.

    Stay tuned...
  2. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    It is a shame that Roger and so many other people think that border security is just to keep out hardworking people who are coming here to find a job. And if the border is secure, how are the criminals bringing drugs, other forms of contraband, and kidnapped women and children to sell into slavery or forced labor?

    This is a quote from a discussion on the FBI website:

    Millions of people in the world are estimated to be victims of human trafficking. In America, the FBI sees cases of it in every single one of our 56 field offices. According to the United States Agency for International Development, known as USAID, the problem is one of the fastest-growing criminal activities in the world. It reports that human trafficking generates more than $150 billion each year. Rogers says our cases continue to increase annually as people become more aware of the problem.

    But I do agree that government contractors are getting billions of dollars to install high tech security devices along the border and would add that no one seems to be watching them to make sure they perform the services they are being paid to perform. I go into this in detail in my article, What is SBInet? And what does it have to do with spending billions of dollars on border security? (July 25, 2013),
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