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Letters of the Week: May 25 - May 29

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  1. Roger Bloxham's Avatar
    Seal the Border Fallacy

    "Seal the Borders then we will look at the Immigration System".

    The fallacy is that first of all it is impossible and leads to more of a criminal mind set than an open border. when laws are unjust everyone becomes a criminal. This is not a decision that should be decided by "majority vote." You may not want a particular group here, but I may. We have forgotten how many wonderful people were at first unwelcome as viciously as people like Michele Malkin and Ann Coulter now want Latinos to be deported.

    Second, For those who claim they want a market economy, then to turn around and demand a closed border is actually such a contradiction and so foolish it defies description. If a person claims they desire a smaller governmental presence in the economy, one that is bottom up, voluntary exchange of goods, services, capital and labor,then the reality is open borders or as close as possible.

    Conversely if one wants a top down, government directed, artificial system then we are on that course now. That is basically what we have except for the "black market" (and Hooray for the black market as it keeps the economy rolling)

    Third, One cannot have a closed system without a police state. Think North Korea, former East Germany and the Soviet Union. Replete with constant check points and permission to work only allowed to those with proper credentials.

    Ann Coulter admits she loves this idea. Most humans do not. Many people simply need to take a deep breath and think through their demands. They are ridiculous if one desires a free and open country with peace and prosperity for all.
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