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Letters of the Week: June 29 - July 3

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  1. Linda Grays's Avatar
    Illegal immigration

    People seize to amaze me how they can take someone words and turn it around for their own personal reason, I hate that Donald trump speech about illegal immigration had gotten misunderstood, for god sake, he did not say that all illegal aliens who sneak across our borders to America were bad people, he was saying that there were a lot a bad people among them, are coming here, he is not wrong about that, he is so right, let's face it there are a lot of bad illegal aliens coming here to America, America do not know who they really are, because of so much lies, false information that comes from them, it is just a shame that if any one tell the truth about illegal immigration, they are fired, or suddenly destroyed some kind of way or someone just do not like them! At the same time so many of these bad illegal aliens are actually finding jobs in America, since they do not get any kind of background checks and no one knows who they really are, if do have some kind of criminal record or not, no one in America would know, actually nowadays no one really care!

    It so confusing how millions of illegal aliens can be so trustworthy to work in America's jobs without background checks, just strongly allowed to present American employers with a lot of their false paper work, false, social security numbers, false names, false ages! Suddenly they are more trustworthy to work then millions of jobless Americans who are required to have background checks, the majority of time before they are hired, also many times Americans are to have an high school diploma or a GED, just to get hired in their own country, I am speaking of Americans who do have legal status to this country! It is a shame that any American who mention all of illegal aliens wrongdoings in America, get back stab and a terrible slap in the face from their own country silly people, mainly illegal aliens and all of their advocates, this is showing that Americans will never have a chance with illegal aliens, even if they get an amnesty or legalization, they will be in full control of America, Americans will be nothing but second class citizens in there own country, regardless what our president may say about illegal immigration helping our America economy, it will not, it will hurt our economy, illegal immigration is sneakily taken over America, and they bragging about this, they are sneakily pushing for their over population in America!

    Illegal aliens are getting all kind of loopholes, sneakily underhanded ways to get their way in America, they are making there children out of automatic American citizens through one of the biggest gateway, which is our American birthright law, they are terribly taking advantage of this, and this is being strongly ignored, they are mainly getting jobs in America, and getting education, and to much of America's government freebies from American tax dollars, Americans are being setup to have terrible competition with millions of illegal aliens in getting jobs in America, America is suppose to have borders, strong limitations, laws, rules, and regulations, now America politicians are allowing to much of their compassion to get in the way with our immigration laws, and laws, so much until now there are no more real security, our American security is gone, the citizens of America are not being protected at all! Foreigners are taking over America! The sad thing about this whole immigration insanity in America, is no one knows how to control it, so they tend to take the easy way out of it, by just catering to their every need! No one no how to say no! no! to illegal immigration in America any more, every thing is a yes! yes! to them, so much now until they are told that they have rights in America regards of their illegal status! Also so much until they are so allow to dictate our immigration laws, our president candidates, our president and congress, and they are being allow to do this by spitting and walking all over the poor and middle class American citizens, American jobless citizens! This suddenly is strongly alright in America! If a president candidate try and stop illegal immigration, or stop those illegal aliens who are already in the country, because of millions of illegal aliens and their advocates, those are not the candidate that should be chosen for our American president! Americans are being terribly force to live and agree on illegal aliens wrongdoings in America!


    It is so terrible sad to see that millions of illegal aliens are allow to have jobs, and actually work and bring home paychecks, while million of Americans are left jobless in their own country! And Americans are left so voiceless to illegal immigration in America, when they speak of how wrong it is, they become racist and someone who do not like Hispanics! And their is no one to back them up!!!!!
  2. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Someone evidently wanted to take on
    the challenge of making Donald Trump's
    rantings and ravings about immigration
    sound rational by comparison. Linda
    Grays apparently regards this as her
    mission and she has come close to
    being successful.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
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