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Letters of the Week: July 13 - July 17

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  1. Pedro Nunez's Avatar
    The Donald

    You are absolutely right in that USCIS and ICE should investigate The Donald and all of his businesses so that he can rid himself of all Mexicans. That , of course, will never happen. I would gladly sign any petition to that effect. Those bad people working for minimum wage to build his empire. The Donald should also know that Hispanic Californians outnumber whites. California now joins New Mexico as the second state with a Latino plurality. California alone has 14.99 million Latinos compared with about 14.92 non-Hispanic whites. This is according to the U.S. Census Bureau figures released in late June. That is a lot of Mexican criminals walking the streets.

    On the other hand, let that idiot continue with his ranting against Latinos. He is the best source of support and fund raising for the Democratic party. He should be declared Hillary Clinton's campaign manager.
  2. GladysFarris's Avatar

    I believe Mr. Trump committed a cardinal mistake to generalized the immigrants especially the Mexican. I am not Mexican butI am Latino Immigrant who believed that in each country there are good and bad People. Anyhow we because I am now an U S citizen have seen how we have created a group of individuals That believed the government owes them a living and this I called leeches with no intention of wanting to Change their situation and let me tell you they are young U S native American draining the Government funds. Some are even criminals that have not been caught by the law. Now tell me who is more bad to the nation?
  3. AllenLadd's Avatar

    Trump claims his workers are all ?legal.? I think it is safe to say that, to a reasonably large extent, he can thank TPS, VAWA, DACA, waivers, cancellation of removal, 245(i), and other extraordinary reform measures ? measures that Trump and his ilk would rail against as ?amnesty? if it were convenient to do so. Better to play the ?legal immigration? card and maintain the guise of fairness and respectability, instead. Let?s stay tuned.

    Allen Ladd, Attorney
  4. Ellen R Gorman's Avatar
    It's time to trump Trump!

    How's that for a slogan for a T-shirt? Or, simply, "Trump Trump!" or "It's
    time to Trump the Trump!" or just "Trump the Trump! Act Now!"
  5. Roger Bloxham's Avatar
    Well, Hooray for Murdock!
  6. Intecon's Avatar

    First of allow, while Donald Trump may be an egotistical blowhard, he is NOT stupid. You don't become a multi-billionaire by being stupid.

    Second, if Donald Trumps businesses hire Hispanics, they are not " . . . . people working for minimum wage to build his empire." They are people he gives jobs to so they can earn a living and send their money back to their relatives in Mexico.

    This not not a debate over whether or not Hispanics, and Mexicans in general contribute positively to the US economy; certainly they do. But Rupert Murdock, who is not even an American, opining that there are more US citizens who commit crimes than Mexicans is ludicrous.

    First, Rupert Murdoch should stay out of politics. Who is he to comment anyway; does his opinion have any more sway than yours or mine" Who died and left him boss? Just because he, like Trump, is a billionaire?

    Second, his statements about Mexicans and crime are not actually correct (although statistically on a national basis, may be). If you go to the jails and prisons in California, Arizona and Texas, I believe you will find a very high percentage of Mexican criminals. Statistics lie unless they are put into persective.

    And let's face it Pedro . . . you are bias and perhaps a biggot. Viva la Raza!
  7. Intecon's Avatar
    Let me clarify, Murdoch is a naturalized US citizen. But he is not an "American". There's a difference.

    You can read all about him at
  8. Tim H's Avatar
    Here are the highlights of the proposal:

    ? Use bold executive action to provide immediate relief to immigrants waiting for CIR.
    ? Expand acess to waivers to the three or ten year bar
    ? Use detention only as a last resort
    ? Restore due process safeguards and basic fairness to immigration enforcement
    ? Disentangle local law enforcement from immigration enforcement
    ? Overhaul legal US immigration system by reducing employment barriers for foreign professionals, promoting family unity and restoring judicial discretion.
    Interesting list of planks to his platform. It is obvious he, or his advisers have more than passing knowledge of migration issues. That alone moves Mr O'Malley above the pack of wolves baying at the moon of Presidential Office.
    My career was in enforcement. We heard a lot of sad stories of those victimized by 'the system'. The list of this candidate's policy promises is encouraging. That said, I wonder if things have gotten so far out of hand under the US Customs Service management of immigration officers that it is necessary to "disentangle local law enforcement from immigration enforcement". I was a local law enforcement Officer (long long ago). We called on US I&NS Investigators to assist in investigating complaints from the public for purposes of public tranquility. Not much has changed in those many years - a 'peace officer' preserves the peace absent outside harassment.
    When five times deported 7 times felony convicted types entered my community I received a call asking for help making our little part of the world safer for survival. To ignore the fact that some foreign born individuals are a danger to society is to put on the same type of blinders attached to donkeys and horses with a feed bag for a dinner plate. Think of the negatives
    tim houghtaling
    retired Investigator & US I&NS
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