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Letters of the Week: July 27 - July 31

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  1. Brent Heid's Avatar

    Your e-newsletter has great information, but is so obviously partisan with disrespectful slant against the Republican Party. President Obama has continued to engage in policies that have mucked up the immigration system even further than before, yet you seem to summon the maturity to respectfully disagree. What will it take to convince you that you need to offer the same respect toward both parties if you wish to be a true voice toward change, as opposed to sounding like an ugly partisan blogmaniac?

    You may wish to steer clear of some of the antagonistic web sites so you can maintain a calm balance in your view of immigration issues. It is not a good guy/bad guy situation. I personally know several Republican leaning persons who are not of the radical foam-at-the-mouth ilk and are working for a fair and balanced immigration system.

    I hope that you may at least consider some of my thoughts. Thanks for all your work on this excellent e-newsletter and the work it attempts to do.
  2. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    It would be nice to pretend that both parties are equally committed to cooperating with each other in developing a fair, humane and rational immigration system, but this is unfortunately just a pipe dream. While there are some Republican politicians, such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain and even Jeb Bush, who genuinely want to reform our immigration system, there are too many others who are only interested in pandering to the prejudices of the white anti-immigrant base.

    A party in which Donald Trump can jump to the top of the polls with his racist anti-immigrant rants has something wrong with it at its very core.

    I am not trying to demonize the Republicans; I am only trying to state an inconvenient truth.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
  3. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    Even assuming Roger is right, we still have to work out a deal with the republicans that meets the political needs of both parties or forget about comprehensive immigration reform. That is the real, "inconvenient truth."
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