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Letters of the Week: August 17 - August 21

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  1. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    My comment is on the editorial in today's ILW.Com and Roger's blog about Donald Trump. The hostility they express is seriously misguided. Trump is taking a position on problems that are of substantial concern to the republicans...the party that controls the house and the senate. If the Dems continue to make tirades demonizing the republicans and belittling their views, we are never going to get comprehensive immigration reform, or make any other progress on dealing with the issues that we are concerned about. If you don't believe me, consider the fact that it has been 29 years since the last positive immigration reform bill that included legalization programs, IRCA in 1986. The only way to make progress on achieving comprehensive immigration reform is to work with the republicans, and that means taking their concerns seriously and finding a way to address them. The only kind of bill that is going to get through the legislative process and become a law is one that meets the political needs of both parties.
  2. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Nolan persists in his fantasy that the Republicans are genuinely interested in finding common ground with the Democrats so that there can be bipartisan action on immigration.

    Well, this is not entirely a fantasy; there are a few Republicans of good will who may genuinely wish to do that - LIndsey Graham, for one. John McCain also - at one time, Marco Rubio - possibly, John Kasich or maybe even Jeb Bush.

    But some other Republicans are only interested in stirring up hate and pandering to anti-immigrant prejudice, as demagogues have been doing in the US for the past 150 years since the time of the Know-Nothings.

    Trump's "plan" to deport 11 million unauthorized immigrants and close our borders to legal employment-based immigration falls into that category. So do Walker's very similar proposals.

    No amount of whitewashing (no pun intended) Trump's appeals to intolerance and nativism can change that.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
  3. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    Roger's attitude towards the republicans, which seems to be an official party line, amounts to a self-fulfilling prophecy. As long as the dems demonize the republicans and refuse to work with them, they will be able to say that they can't work with the republicans. That's much easier than listening to what they have to say and trying to find compromises, and you never have to change any of your positions. Must make you feel good too. But what about the 11 million undocumented immigrants and their families who are waiting for legalization? How does what you are doing help them?
  4. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    I have already answered Nolan, so i will not repeat myself. However, if any other answer to Nolan's mantra that I am "demonizing" the Republicans is needed, there is an excellent article in New York Magazine called Trump Is the Republicans' Nightmare and They Won't Wake Up From It.

    With regard to the August 17 Immigration Daily editorial, it might make some rhetorical sense to answer absurd anti-immigrant proposals with equally absurd, if not even more so, pro-immigrant ones, such as deporting all the restrictionists. (How about self-deportation? If restrictionists don't want to live in a diverse America with its commitment to equal opportunity for all, they might be happier living in a country with stricter immigration laws - such as Russia, for example.)

    But, rather than fighting absurdity with absurdity, it would be better to fight it with common sense. Trump's and Walker's immigration proposals may be mean-spirited and bigoted, but they are concrete. People can understand them.

    Pro-immigrant candidates need to develop more concrete proposals too. Martin O'Malley has come the closest, but even his proposal for legal immigration reform is woefully inadequate.

    He would turn the issue over to a bipartisan Congressional commission to make recommendations.

    What a cop-out. Give me a break!

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 08-18-2015 at 05:42 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  5. Robert A. Schrage's Avatar
    RE: August 17 - Republicans Drop The Fig Leaf

    Dear ILW

    I wouldn't be so quick to write off Mr. Trump. He is tremendously popular, for all the wrong reasons but there is no reason to believe that sanity and common sense will return to the discussion any time soon.
  6. Rose Floyd's Avatar
    ID 8/17/15

    Dear Editor,

    With regard to your suggested response to the GOP's fig-dropping, I can only think, "FINALLY!!" someone is saying what I've been thinking, well forever.

    I've lived over a half century in this country putting up with Republican leaders successfully elected on the Stupidity/Racist platform (Up Yours Ike!), and then even a Democrat like FDR authorizing concentration camps here on our own soil filled with loyal innocent Americans.

    You did leave out the demand that the scum representing us in our embassies be tortured...killed...or at least replaced by human beings. It's amazing how, people from other countries actually would appreciate being treated with respect, that's R-E-S-P-E-C-T even while being unjustly denied visas and not receiving their paid fees or time back.

    Anyway, along with having their (I'd like to include all racists in this, not just anti-immigrants -- you do realize this will reduce the population here by more than 45%...and we'll have to essentially replace all corporate leaders and just about all governmental authority...and a whole ton of cops too) citizenships revoked, all their personal wealth must be confiscated too (just like those Japanese-Americans I referred to).

    Only these demands are not extreme or even unrealistic. Infer no humor from this. My face is dead serious and my emotions genuine as I write you. I will be glad to declare this my platform publicly to the world, and announce my candidacy for President. I'm certainly far more qualified than any past or present Republican, and if the Democrats are too chicken then I'll run independently. As long I don't unintentionally contribute to the demise of the planet by taking votes away from Hillary and allowing a Republican to win.

    Obama has many reasons to take the high road. I have none. I am not a pacifist. I love Dr. King, but this is not church. I will never stand for my black, Asian, Latina and Indian brothers and sisters being oppressed, humiliated and murdered just because they're not white, while the perpetrators go scot free.

    Sorry to run on; Thank you again for saying what now needs to be done. Fight fire with fire. So, if you want to go the extreme route, try this: Death to Racists.

    Revolutionary, but the idea helps me sleep soundly at night.

    Robert Floyd
  7. Tim Lehman's Avatar
    Republicans Drop The Fig Leaf

    By analogy to your Comment, I think you should keep all the doors and windows to your home unlocked (better yet, wide open) and post signs where you live that state ALL people are welcome into your home at any time and may utilize your hard-earned belongings any way they choose and do what they want, whenever they want and live off or your efforts. Does this put it into perspective enough??? There is a reason why countries exist autonomously. Duh! Legal immigration is a foundation of the USA?illegal immigration is self-explanatory?it?s illegal. Please be honest in your writings.

    Timothy P. Lehman
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  8. linda grays's Avatar
    Donald Trump Deportation

    Donald Trump is the only person that is saying something that most poor and middle class Americans want to hear, and he is right about how to bring America back, America do need a strong deportation, and just like he had said, they do not have to be separated from families, which is an excuse and strategy illegal aliens and all of their advocates been using to sugar coat all wrongdoings of illegal aliens in America, and it is so sickening to here some people say that illegal alien are not taking jobs from poor and middle class Americans, that is because it is always those who have good paying jobs, or just working period, so they just can not see that millions of illegal aliens have taken jobs from Americans, let's just say because of millions of sneaky employers, who had literately exchange Americans for illegal aliens in our American workforce! and also millions of illegal aliens are not just doing agricultural work either, they had found ways to get in lots of jobs in America!

    Why are millions of illegal aliens working period, when there are millions of jobless Americans in their own country? Also why are they working in America illegally, and no one knows who they are? What makes them so more trust worthy to work in America's jobs, with out background checks, that is strongly required of Americans before they are hired? Actually illegal aliens are no more good and harder workers then many Americans! There is no such thing that illegal aliens are doing jobs that Americans do not want to do, If millions of illegal aliens were to be remove from millions of American jobs, and were replaced by millions of Americans, millions of Americans will be in lines for those very same jobs! Donald trump said that if he was president he would also get rid of America birthright law to illegal alien, our birthright laws has been strongly taken advantage of by millions of illegal aliens, it is being used as an instant anchor to keep them in America! It should be stopped! Other countries had stop their birthright laws to illegal aliens, It can be stopped with the help of Americans, all of what Donald Trump wants to do to illegal immigration can work, with the help of Americans, and our corrupted congress, Some body needs to do something before it is too late, America is being corrupted by illegal aliens and all of their advocates, and they want to just dictate our laws, immigration laws for their own benefits, America needs strong immigration law enforcement!
  9. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ImmigrationLawBlogs
    I have already answered Nolan, so i will not repeat myself. However, if any other answer to Nolan's mantra that I am "demonizing" the Republicans is needed, there is an excellent article in New York Magazine called Trump Is the Republicans' Nightmare and They Won't Wake Up From It.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Actually, Roger has never answer my questions. For instance, in my letter to the editor that he is responding to, I asked how his constant criticism of the republicans and refusal to take their concerns seriously helps the 11 million undocumented aliens and their families who are waiting for legalization. He hasn't answered that question. Instead of more questions that he is going to ignore, I will challenge him to prove that he is not a bigot. Roger, name two republican positions on immigration that you think have merit. If you can't see merit in any of their positions, you are by definition, a bigot. I have never taken this approach before because I don't like it. It's what the dems constantly do to the republicans. If they say things we don't like, they are racists or anti-hispanic or some other derogatory thing. How can you have a dialogue with someone if you call him names every time he says something you don't agree with, which apparently is whenever he says anything? That question is addressed to everyone, not just to Roger.
  10. Hazlee's Avatar
    Re: August 19 - Immigration News on Your Website

    Blacks out of slavery rightly deserved citizenship because they did not come to this country illegally but was force here on slave ships and gave 250 years of free labor with blood sweat and tears made this country what is is today. They did not get free social services like illegal aliens and their children. Deport the 20 million with the anchor babies back to their home countries. They are not contributing anything but cheap labor for greedy businesses supported by our government. The 14th amendment do not apply to children of illegal aliens. Never was the intention.
  11. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    It is a little sad to see a distinguished legal scholar and authority such as Nolan resort to invective and name calling instead of reasoned argument. It is not worthy of his impressive immigration law experience and credentials and his very real accomplishments. Nolan can be very incisive and fair when he wants to be. The above comment is not Nolan at his best.

    Since Nolan asks me to name two Republican positions on immigration that I agree with, I will do so. One is the call that some Republicans have made - even Donald Trump if I am not mistaken - to make more skilled work visas available to STEM graduates. I also agree with the stated goals of many Republicans to protect the jobs, wages and living standards of American workers - but this can only be done through stronger labor unions, higher minimum wages and more equitable tax laws that are not skewed in favor of the rich.

    It will not be accomplished by scapegoating minority immigrants, as the original Know Nothings did 150 years ago and the latter day Know Nothings, including at least two whose letters appear on this thread, are still doing.

    Beyond that, it is unfortunately true that many Republicans, with some commendable exceptions, are working hard to identify themselves as the party of hate - against immigrants, against African-Americans, against women, against gays against the less well off in our society; and against union members and other ordinary people who are trying to make a decent living.

    If standing up for the targets of Republican prejudice makes me a "bigot" as Nolan claims, then so be it.

    Nolan also blames the Democrats and immigration supporters such as myself for not "responding" to Republican concerns. What are those concerns? Nolan does not seem to have been listening to any of the Republican presidential candidates' statements.

    Their concerns are 1) mass deportation of 11 million brown immigrants, 2) building a Berlin wall along the Mexican border, 3) reducing legal immigration and 4) shredding the Constitution by eliminating the 14th Amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship for all US-born children.

    This is not just Donald Trump. Most (not all) GOP presidential candidates are now towing the same line.

    Nolan insists that the Republicans really want to negotiate some type of legalization if only their enforcement and border security concerns can be met. Which of their candidates are actually saying that now (except possibly Bush and Kasich, neither of whom are likely to get the nomination)?

    What planet is Nolan living on?

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 08-22-2015 at 07:58 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
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