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Letters of the Week: August 24 - August 28

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  1. Linda Grays's Avatar
    Our American birthright law

    Our America birthright is damaged, America no longer have a normal birthright law, let's face it, it is being taken advantage of, by 100'000.00s of illegal immigrants every year, all it is about is them getting in America while pregnant, so their children can get an automatic citizenship, just so illegal aliens can anchor them selves in America, so they can ride on their American children backs! Now the word anchor baby is not to be used, no it is not the illegal aliens children fault, it is their parents who had already broken the laws coming here illegally and implementing all their wrongdoings, it is to the point now that what ever illegal aliens do in America it is alright, it to the point they are here now and there is nothing any one can do, and they are multiplying rapidly, all Americans are being strongly force to endure their sudden population, there seems to be no way Americans can stop our birthright laws to illegal aliens, because of all the weak and sorry made up laws American seem to have that always get in the way, all Americans are block from pushing immigration laws, there is no way any American should say that they are going to deport them all, or stop our birthright law to their children, if so they are a very bad person, no American are allow to talk about the corruption of illegal immigration in America, if so he or she are considered a racist! Donald Trump had come up with all the corruption of illegal immigration in America, not just crimes by them, also the fact that they are here illegally, and all the unfairness of it, all the hurt and suffering it is causing Americans, especially jobless Americans.

    Since America no longer have any immigration laws, or laws period to control illegal immigration in America, illegal aliens and all of their advocates, are in reality controlling America, they are the one's who are dictating our America our presidents of America, it feels like America belongs to legal and illegal aliens, Americans are left voiceless to this massive illegal immigration in America! So many illegal aliens tend to brag about how they are now the majority race in America, and they are steady over populating them selves, this because of the strong leniency of our American lawmakers, There would not be no question about massive illegal immigration if millions of them come the right way! At the same time massive illegal immigration, is allowing millions of illegal aliens to jump them selves in the front of the line of those immigrants who are doing it the right way, and that is not fair! Also millions of our jobs are being done by illegal aliens, at the same time millions of Americans are left jobless, and illegal aliens are not doing jobs that no American want to do, that is nonsense! besides millions of illegal aliens are not only in agricultural jobs either, they are all over! Being so Donald Trump boost the conversation on illegal immigration and birthright citizenship to illegal alien children, so many people are going to try to find ways to stop him, and get him out of the president candidate race, they are going to find ways to sabotage his candidacy, like they do every one else who talks about finding away to get rid of millions of illegal aliens, or even enforcing or getting back to using our immigration laws we already have on the books.

    It's very sickening to here about illegal aliens American dreams, when at the same time it corrupts Americans American dreams. Americans has to ask them selves, what about our American dreams in our own country???? So many jobless Americans are missing out having paychecks, building up their retirement and social security! This is why so many people likes Donald Trump. his plans to stop and get rid of millions of illegal aliens and stop the birthright laws and sanctuary cities to illegal aliens children can work, if he get strong help from Americans, more Americans need to start marching and protest our own streets to stop this insanity of illegal immigration in America!
  2. Joe Kyleau's Avatar
    Re: August 24 - Birthright Citizenship

    You are on
  3. Linda Grays's Avatar
    America birthright law

    There is nothing wrong with the term anchor babies, because that is just what it is for many illegal aliens from any where, that comes to America just to have babies in America for them to become American citizens, so that they can ride on their children backs of their children, for free money, from America taxed dollars, just a lot of our government freebies, low income housings, sec 8 programs, all of this it self puts millions of Americans on a long waiting list, when in reality Americans who do have legal status to this country should be first! Once illegal aliens children are born here, it also helps them to stay here in America, they feel that they will not, or should not get deported, and they know that it is now a lenient and a strong law in America, so they tend to take strongly advantage of our birthright laws, and there is no one who have sense enough to stop them, and they know this, so they just continually to to take advantage of this, and they know that our American laws are terribly weak and real lenient when it comes to birthright laws and immigration laws! Americans are tired of observing that illegal aliens had found all kind a ways to keep them selves from being deported from America, Americans are tired being force to accept everything that they are allow to do in America, including all their wrongdoings period, America birthright citizenship for their children in America is just another flood gate to America for illegal aliens and all their problems, just like the border is a flood gate for illegal aliens! Americans are not stupid, they know that illegal aliens are using our birthright law for their own personal benefits! Many Hispanic's, Latino's get mad or defensive when the term anchor babies are used, that is because many of them and a relative are guilty to a lot of wrongdoings in America, because so many of them and other foreigners take advantage of our birthright laws because it is wide open to them! And they are afraid that many of them are getting caught up with all of their wrongdoings and will one day get deported!

    Illegal aliens and their children being born in America are a strain on America and it citizens! It has got to stop, America is not just about illegal aliens American dreams, What about Americans, American dreams in their own country?? Why should jobless Americans wait for jobs in their own country, while millions of illegal aliens are working in America's jobs??? It is time that some one do something about illegal immigration in America, and stop pretending that it is not happening, our own American lawmakers must stop ignoring the fact that illegal immigration it self is nothing but a total corruption to America! They must stop ignoring how illegal immigration is hurting America and it citizens! How and why should Americans be so proud of illegal aliens working in America, when they them selves do not have jobs in their own country, this is not right or fair!!!!!

    1.Yes birthright laws should stop to illegal aliens children! This law should change!!

    2.Sanctuary cities should be stop to illegal aliens!

    3.Stop giving government freebies, low income housings, sec 8 programs to illegal aliens ( so many poor and middle class Americans are force to be on a long waiting list in their own country)

    4.Stop giving jobs that Americans will do to illegal aliens!

    5.Get illegal aliens out of American jobs, so Americans can get back to work in their own country!

    6.Stop giving so much America education to many illegal aliens!

    7.Stop over crowding our schools with illegal aliens!

    Our own lawmakers tend to focus on illegal immigration in America and had forgotten about Americans, this is why Donald trump is getting so much attention, because he is focusing on Americans and their needs first, he makes Americans feel that they are not forgotten! I hope he keeps up the good work!

    Americans immigration laws should strongly be enforce! There should be many more deportations, America do need some limitations of immigrants coming to America mainly legal and illegal and stop illegal immigration in America period!!!!!!!!
  4. Hazlee's Avatar
    Re: August 19 - Immigration News on Your Website

    Blacks out of slavery rightly deserved citizenship because they did not come to this country illegally but was force here on slave ships and gave 250 years of free labor with blood sweat and tears made this country what is is today. They did not get free social services like illegal aliens and their children. Deport the 20 million with the anchor babies back to their home countries. They are not contributing anything but cheap labor for greedy businesses supported by our government. The 14th amendment do not apply to children of illegal aliens. Never was the intention.
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