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Letters of the Week: November 2 - November 6

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  1. Gualter Cordeiro's Avatar
    please help

    I support H.R. 2095 The Uniting American Families Act because...I'm a US citizen with 2 US citizen children, who's husband has been deported with a permanent bar, because of a false claim to US citizenship. Our family has been torn apart, our world has been flipped, turned upside down with no hope's of EVER being reunited with my husband, my children's father on American soil which is OUR country. Leaving the US to live with my husband is too dangerous because of all the violence in Mexico, and being that neither him nor I have any family left in Mexico, we would all basically be homeless. He can't find work and has no stable place to live, so I can only imagine I would also be unable to find work and because I don't read or write spanish that would make it twice as difficult for me. My children do well in school and play sport's in the US, which I could NEVER afford in a foreign country, and they also only read and write English and speak very little spanish, making it hard for them as well to adapt to a new country. I understand law's are law's, and people shouldn't break them, I know and respect this fact. But I feel a permanent bar is a severe, cruel, harsh and inhumane punishment not only for the individual that broke the law but for the whole family. I've spent very MANY sleepless night's worrying about our future, how this situation is emotionally and mentally affecting my children, I see them cry, and ask when daddy will be home, when daddy will be back to watch them play baseball or pick them up from school, and all this is also taking a toll on me emotionally, mentally. Every month struggling to make ends meet. So please help me, my family and MANY other families living this cruel, inhumane nightmare. PLEASE HELP!!! OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!! HELP!

    35 Constituent412931
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