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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Senate Immigration Bill Amendment Process Begins

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You can see the text of the hundreds of introduced amendments here.

You can watch the hearings live here.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    Massive split between DeMint and other conservatives...
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    Off course De Mint lives in fantasy land of the purist conservatives where everyone is white or as America used to be back in the 50's. The rest of the GOP most of them got the message from the 2012 election and want to get back in power CIR is the vehicle.
  3. George Chell's Avatar
    Another Voice:

    The test to the demented types was Forsythe County, GA. Used to be lily white and they kept blacks out. Now it is becoming more Hispanic. Then there used to be an Asian Sundown town called San Marino, CA. In the 1940s and 1950s, Asians were supposed to leave town after dark and only whites were allowed to buy homes there. Now, it is 53% Asian and Asian American. DeMint fears these changes. Now, if DeMint supports at least the legal aspects I will sympathize. But neither he nor Lou "the Looser Bigot" Bartletta care for legal immigration and I think KKK Kobach wants to end all immigration even immigration of the spouses.
  4. George Chell's Avatar
    Strange. Buckley's journal has the racist Kirkorian in the group and calls the legislation Rubio's folly. But, Buckley association has endorsed the legislation causing a major split between his association and the magazine he used to edit..bizarre indeed!
  5. USC's Avatar

    Are you going to post analysis of the Amendments that passed? Today, there were 32 Title 1 Amendments offered. 21 passed.
  6. USC's Avatar
    The vote/outcome is listed here:

  7. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Hi USC - Yes, I'm working on my summary. Almost ready.
  8. Jack's Avatar
    "prevents another wave of illegal immigration from happening again."

    Even if you think the triggers would work, they are years away. The American Conservative Union acknowledges "President Obama's history of executive action" but don't seem to get that he would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to pull the triggers. Forget nudge; he would have to be shoved by not getting mass legalization until AFTER performance. That leverage is thrown away by mass legalizing BEFORE performance. This fundamental flaw is so obvious given the lessons of '86, it shows that the Senate bill is fraudulent, bad faith legislation and not serious about preventing another wave of illegal immigration from happening again. Democrats would welcome one obviously and Republican members of the gang seem happy to ensure it. To foist a bill as bad as this one after promising not to repeat the mistake of '86 is insulting.

    "The bill includes triggers to insure border security and interior security before any immigrant is given permanent legal status."

    RPI status is essentially permanent legal status and comes BEFORE triggers. The big prize (to unlawfully present aliens) comes up front. The prize to Democrats is the citizenship but after RPI status is granted that will come whether or not triggers are ever pulled. So why pull them when you don't like them and don't have to? This scenario is kind of obvious.
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