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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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The antis have a strategy of trying to slow down CIR by proposing a jillion amendments. Most are in the gimme a break category and have no chance. National Journal has a good run down of the politics at work here. One test will be regarding amendments that change some of the negotiated major provisions of the bill on issues like guest workers and the legalization program. The Gang of Eight vows to oppose amendments that would impact those negotiations.

I'm not going to summarize the amendment proposals because there will be hundreds of them. But I will report on amendments that actually pass.

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  1. Jack's Avatar
    The bill itself is in the gimme a break category--fundamentally flawed with its repeat of '86 legalization first structure. Rubio says, "That would leave the issue entirely in the hands of President Obama and leave in place the disastrous status quo." Uh, hello?! Even if amended to not have a million delegations of authority to the Executive branch, it will still be in the hands of Pres. Obama after CIR were it to pass except with the mass legalization bargaining chip already given away. We've been told that it's entirely up to the president how much, if any, enforcement will be done--nothing Congress can do about it.

    A bill skeptic can ask, "Why should we trust that the enforcement provisions will be implemented?" and hilarity will ensue when the response is essentially "you can trust us" or "just because." The bill skeptic can then respond, "Wouldn't it make more sense to make the legalization contingent on successful implementation of the various enforcement and national security provisions?" After all, a mass legalization sends a powerful signal to potential illegal entrants and overstays. If prevention measures are not already in place, you will have a flood of NEW illegal entrants and overstays before the mystery employment verification, fence, etc. even hit their supposed deadlines.

    The public understands basic bargaining such as not paying up front for something if you ever want to see performance. Anyone with common sense can see that the Senate bill by its very structure is a sucker's bet and one-sided giveaway. Just look who supports it: immigration lawyers, cheap labor and ethnic power special interests, and the ultimate indicator of a lemon--America's Voice.
  2. USC's Avatar
    "That would leave the issue entirely in the hands of President Obama...........Uh, hello?!"

    Uh, hello, is right, kemosabe. There should be delegation of authority to the President not only because President Obama is "YOUR" President but also because he is the only nationally elected government official and immigration is the quintessential national issue.

    BTW, thus far, at the Judiciary Committee, Can Amendments 194, Democrat Amendments 106. Given that there are 10 Democrats and 8 Republicans that is 1:2.3 ratio. Shame on the Cans!
  3. George Chell's Avatar
    Wondered where Jack had disappeared over several days or even weeks.
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