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Letters of the Week: January 11 - January 15

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  1. Shaikh Ahmed's Avatar
    First of all the visa category should be abolished, only the student visa must be granted to the student and along with that they can not changed the visa at any cost.
    We have many visa categories that must be abolished only the student visa must be allowed by the Embassies', and the Consulate General, and the Consulates, should be allowed only to issue the student visa and that can not be allowed to change to any typed of visa. that will have less work in the consular section and we have to keep less persons in the consular section.
  2. Julián L. Ortuondo's Avatar
    Thank you

    Dear Editor:

    Thank you for publishing my letter. Apparently, this was compelling enough to get a reply (finally) from the Ambassador.

    Please see attachments here. Marita will ask for a new interview and we may still have the chance, then, to probably join the family at home in the US for vacations (hopefully).

    Best regards, and thanks again!​

    Julian Ortuondo
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    After watching Donald Trump's performance in the January 14 Republican presidential debate, there is more reason than ever to be concerned about America's future, not only as a nation of immigrants, but as a democracy. Despite Jeb Bush's timely and well-considered call for Trump to reconsider his "unhinged" proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants, from every country in the world, from the US for a "short" but indefinite period, Trump doubled down and absolutely refused to withdraw his proposal. This was on Trump's unspoken but clear assumption that every Muslim believer on this planet is a potential (or actual) jihadist or ISIS supporter.

    The fact that, as his debate opponents were quick to point out, it is impossible to defeat ISIS without the support of Muslims who are opposed to that terrorist group's monstrous brutality and atrocities, and that America depends on Muslim military allies such as the Kurds, Iraqi soldiers, and moderate Syrian rebels for whatever limited success there has been against ISIS so far, does not carry any weight with Trump.

    Nor does the fact, which none of his Republican opponents had the courage to mention, that banning an entire world religion from our shores clearly violates the spirit of our Constitution (if not also the letter) and the ideal of religious freedom that America was founded on, as well as inevitably restricting the religious freedom of Muslim US citizens, appear to be of any concern to Trump.

    No one should be fooled by Trump's insistence that the ban would be only for a "short" time. How short is short? Trump gives no indication and sets no time limit, except to say that time is needed to "figure out our problem", which can mean whatever Trump wants it to.

    Trump's often stated reason for his proposal is that "there is a lot of hate out there against America" among Muslims. Without any doubt, this is true - of ISIS and other jihadists and radial Muslim extremists. Is it true of more than a billion Muslims throughout the world, many of whom live in countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia, not to mention India, or numerous African counties (such as Senegal), and, yes, many Middle Eastern, South Asian and Central Asian Countries with which the US has friendly relations? There is nothing rational in Trump's proposal.

    There is nothing in his proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants that shows any genuine concern for America's security. To the contrary, Trump's only purpose is to demonize all members of this major world religion and stir up hatred against them, in the manner of demagogues and dictators throughout history, especially modern history.

    It would be not only shortsighted, but indeed irresponsible to overlook the parallels between Trump's attack against Muslims and Adolf Hitler's attacks against Jews, whom he also regarded as his country's mortal enemy, no matter who they were and where in the world they were located.

    Trump's attacks against unpopular minorities are, of course, not limited to Muslims; they are also directed against Mexicans and other Latinos, whom he labels as "criminals" and "rapists". In addition, while his rage during the debate against China (and to a lesser extent, Japan) was ostensibly based on trade grounds, not immigration policy, his stereotyping of these Asian countries as crafty, diabolical nations that were laughing at and making fools of America by allegedly devaluing their currencies and putting millions of Americans out of work brought back uncomfortable memories of memories of times when anti-Asian prejudice and hysteria in America lad to the Chinese exclusion laws and Japanese-American internment.

    As shown by the history of fascism in Europe and by far right wing neo-fascist movements in that continent today, demagogic attacks on groups of people based on race or religion can be the beginning of the end for democracy in the nation concerned. Donald Trump is no exception.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law

    Updated 01-15-2016 at 07:08 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  4. Arvind Batra's Avatar
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