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Letters of the Week: February 8 - February 12

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  1. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    I wonder if Trump has seen this video clip.
  2. Julian Ortuondo's Avatar
    Democracy is in danger not only because of radicals. It is harmed by authorities, mainly diplomats, who play God, not listening to what the people have to say, but just asking us to chip in to $$$ and our vote. Since this is an immigration forum, let me say that my spouse and I are suffering the hypocrisy and deafness of the American Embassy in Buenos Aires, diplomats who mistreat Senior American citizens in Argentina and discriminating Latinos -especially Colombians- with visas, now only available to the rich, famous and powerful? But, we will fight back, with pacific demonstrations. We shall prevail. Justice for all, even overseas! Cry for me, Argentina, and cry for me, U.S.A.?
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Nolan's above letter contains a link to an inflammatory anti-Muslim video by CBN, (Christian Broadcasting Network), which was founded by the right wing televangelist Pat Robertson, who has a long history of controversial statements that have been attributed to him. These, according to Wikipedia, have included attacks on the late Israeli politician, Ariel Sharon, calling the Hindu religion a "demonic religion" and even attacks against other Christian denominations which Robertson disagrees with for one reason or another. Robertson also has a long history of bigotry against gays.

    The CBN video promotes the idea that Islam is not a real religion but is a "fascist ideology" and that most or all Muslims are only waiting for the day when Muslims will become a majority in major European cities and impose Sharia law on that continent.

    However, even this biased right wing video itself shows that the Muslim "leader" who is featured in the video is the head of a small fringe group which he would like to think speaks for most Muslims in Europe, but clearly does not.

    Ir is disturbing and dangerous for religious freedom and democracy that, according to Huffington Post, two thirds of all Republican voters in the New Hampshire presidential primary support Donald Trump's call for total ban on entry to the US by Muslims, according to exit polls.

    This would mean that half of the GOP voters who did not even support Trump (who won the primary with less than 40 per cent of the total vote) still agree with his anti-Muslim poison.

    Trump's bigotry and demagoguery, of course, are not limited to Muslims. A Chicago-based writer, Erika Sanchez, the American-born daughter of Mexican parents who came to the US illegally but were granted status in the 1980's Reagan amnesty, writes the following in Al-Jazeera America about the dangers of anti-Mexican hate stoked by not only Trump, but some other Republican candidates as well. She writes, after first citing a long history of discrimination and violence against Mexicans in America:

    "Conservatives continue to manipulate people's fears by scapegoating immigrants, refugees and people of color...

    Most of them [Mexicans] enter the U.S. without documents and work low paying jobs that benefit tycoons such as Trump. Yet he has been instrumental in stoking the fires of racists across the country...

    Trump may not win the GOP nomination, but the effects of his hate speech have already proved damaging. His verbal attacks can easily manifest as acts of violence."

    And it is not only Trump. Sanchez also writes that:

    "...Cruz is nearly as extreme as Trump and will undoubtedly continue the conservative crusade against immigrants...Immigration advocates should be equally wary of his nomination as the possibility of a Trump victory."


    As the title of the above article indicates, the danger of anti-immigrant hate taking over one of America's two major political parties and propelling a proto-fascist demagogue into the White House, one which has now been vastly increased by Trump's February 9 primary victory in New Hampshire, is not just due to Trump himself.

    It is the product of two decades of Republican hostility to Mexican, Latino and other minority immigrants. In the person of Trump, America is now facing an anti-immigrant Frankenstein monster whose creation goes all the way back to the harsh anti-minority immigrant provisions of the Republican-passed 1996 IIRIRA (which, incidentally was signed by the husband of one of the two current Democratic candidates for president, one who has done relatively little to call Trump and other Republicans out for their use of anti-immigrant hate as a cornerstone of their campaigns. Her opponent has done even less in this regard). But that is another story.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 02-10-2016 at 02:41 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  4. Julian Ortuondo's Avatar
    As promised, today I performed a pacific demonstration with banners at the local Buenos Aires Embassy door. I will make the photos viral, sending them to Embassies worldwide, especially Latin America, and also to the media. By ignoring you, they make things worse… I will never, ever, give up! The banners read: CAUTION! THIS EMBASSY MISTREATS AMERICAN CITIZENS HERE AND DISCRIMINATES LATINOS. And, it is only the beginning, trust me. No more taxes for arrogant diplomats that hurt American folks and spouses.
  5. john23's Avatar
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  6. Nelson's Avatar Review Review This business is now enjoying its achievements.
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