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Letters of the Week: March 7 - March 11

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  1. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    My colleague Nolan Rappaport has published an article in the March 7 issue of Immigration Daily dealing with Donald Trump's proposal for mass deportation of 12 million immigrants and how this might become closer to reality if Trump is elected president. While Nolan's contention that President Obama may somehow have facilitated mass deportation by collecting millions of names and registrations of unauthorized immigrants under the DACA program may be open to debate, since Trump has already announced that he will send a special "Task Force" (which even Senator Cruz, no supporter of legalization or "amnesty" himself, has referred to as Nazi-style "jackboots") to raid millions of homes throughout America looking for "illegals" to round up and deport in any event, Nolan is right to warn that mass deportation could have significant implications for America and our society.

    But it is not just mass deportation itself that could have harmful consequences for America. Mass deportation, especially combined with Trump's proposal to build a Wall in order to keep out unwanted Mexicans and his proposed ban on entry to the US by Muslims from anywhere in the world, purely on the basis of their religion and without any actual evidence of terrorist connections or sympathies, could well be the curtain-raiser to a full scale assault on American democracy.

    It would hardly be the first time in modern history that attacks against an unpopular minority or minorities have been used as a means of mobilizing public opinion in support of replacing democracy with a fascist dictatorship - Hitler's attacks on the Jews are only the most egregious example.

    Where could Trump's call for mass deportation and for other actions against Mexicans, Muslims and other unpopular minority immigrants lead? Is Trump only interested in beefing up law enforcement and in protecting America's security, or is there a larger, and more sinister agenda behind a facade of protecting the public from the consequences of illegal immigration and terrorism?

    To answer this question it is important to look at some other aspects of Trump's agenda, in order to see whether they are consistent with America's respect for democratic values and the rule of law, or whether, instead, they have more resemblance to an authoritarian, proto-fascist agenda.

    In this respect two of Trump's proposals stand out. The first is his proposal to weaken the laws against torture. As I mention in my own March 7 Immigration Daily blog, there are at least a dozen such laws, conventions, and declarations, both national and international.

    Trump does not identify which ones he wants to weaken or abolish, or how we would go about doing that. But shown by a disturbing article by Willam Saletan in, Donald Trump's barbarism, Trump is a big supporter of the use of torture, as well as murder and other egregious human rights violations against real or suspected terrorists and their families, even if the family members are entirely innocent.


    Another aspect of Trump's proposals, as well as his actual behavior, is his use of violence and intimidation against protesters, or even African-American and other minority group members whom Trump sees as potential protesters, at his rallies.

    Their mere presence at Trump's rallies, even without any sign whatsoever of protest or disruption is now being regarded as a threat, and they are being thrown out by Trump's security people. See

    This frightening report shows in chilling detail that Trump cannot tolerate the slightest indication of opposition or dissent, and that his rallies are coming to resemble those of ruling parties in fascist dictatorships rather than the open political forums which are the foundation of America's democracy.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 03-08-2016 at 01:19 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  2. Julian Ortuondo's Avatar

    Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 1, 2016

    President Barack H. Obama,
    The White House,
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500,
    (Via certified mail)

    CC: Ambassador Noah Mamet, Buenos Aires Embassy

    Dear Sir:

    Continuing with my previous letter to you (FedEx), please see attached, I would like to let you know that I will be demonstrating pacifically with banners at the Buenos Aires Embassy and other places when you are visiting Argentina this month, following your words in the SOTU: “The protester, determined to prove that justice matters…”
    Unfortunately, Ambassador Mamet keeps playing deaf and the offer to review the tourist visa of my spouse, Mar?a Ord??ez, was a hoax by the Embassy. They just kept her visa money, with which -in part- it pays your trip to Argentina, Mr. Obama, while she lost the Argentina American Chamber of Commerce -who sponsored her- fees. Very unfair, cruel and illegal: Not American at all.
    The local law now states that for every demonstration the protesters must inform the local Authority in advance, so I will file for the permit with them and also let the media know about my protest. Since I am sending a carbon copy of this letter to Mr. Mamet, this letter will also make him know about my pacific demonstration at the Embassy, so the local Embassy Security is aware of my protest when you visit Argentina, in advance.
    I will also let Human Rights organizations (local and international) know about this, since my U.S. Government, especially the Department of State and diplomats, seem not to be compelled by my just claims.
    This is a very sad situation, but, as an American, Mr. President, I will never give up my rights or stop broadcasting this gross violation of them by the local American Embassy, with the accomplice silence of some. Truth and justice shall prevail.


    Julian L. Ortuondo, Senior American Citizen, Teacher
    Rep?blica Argentina,
  3. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    It is not a debatable point. The gov't collects the names and addresses, and other information about every alien who applies for DACA or DAPA, and everyone of them has admitted alienage and that he/she is present in the US in violation of law. That establishes their deport ability. I explain this in more detail in my article, which appeared in yesterday. Trump won't send ICE out looking for undocumented aliens when he finds out that the gov't has this information. No reason to look for undocumented aliens when Obama has provided him with a list of millions of them with names and addresses, and probably the names and addresses of their employers too. DACA and DAPA could turn out to be the biggest blunder in the history of immigration law.
  4. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is the latest columnist who is not afraid to use the F- word regarding Donald Trump. See: Trump's Flirtation with Fascism

    (Sorry, no link - please use Google.)

    I wouldn't be so confident that Trump's jackboots would be held back from making their midnight raids in order to pick up the "illegals", tear them away from their USC or LPR family members and send them off to concentration camps pending deportation just because the deportation "Task Force" storm troopers might know who and where the unauthorized immigrants are from the DACA lists.

    To the contrary, having that knowledge might make the midnight raids and roundups even more likely and more devastating.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 03-08-2016 at 06:35 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  5. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar

    Update: March 10, 7:38 pm:

    See also: Huffington Post: Donald Trump Encourages Violence At His Rallies: His Fans Are Listening

    My original post follows:

    For the latest incident of violence against a protester at a Donald Trump rally, see the following Huffington Post link. This is not to say that Trump is another Hitler - of course he is not. Trump has never supported or suggested mass extermination against anyone. (But he does support mass deportation of 12 million men, women and children on a scale which may have been familiar in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao's China or Pol Pot's Cambodia, but which is not normally associated with a democracy, even if it would be permitted under US immigration law.)

    But Trump's resort to violence as a means of dealing with dissent, as well as his promoting hate against targeted ethnic or religious groups, as in his latest reported rant that "Islam hates America". bears a disturbing resemblance to conditions under a form of dictatorship that is best described by the "F-" word.

    Regarding the latest incident of violence against a black demonstrator at a Trump rally, see:

    Is this someone whom Americans can really trust to preserve our freedoms and our democracy if he is elected president? Would America continue to be a country which is admired and sought after by immigrants from all over the world? Or could it turn into a country from which millions of our own citizens (and legal residents) would be frantically trying to escape?

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 03-10-2016 at 06:38 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  6. Judy K's Avatar
    File copies

    A client and his wife, he DACA granted, she denied. They called and asked if I would send their prior filings. I really don't feel like copying each page of each application for both of them. Woul it be pressing my luck simply to send them my file copies of each filing? Please do not all yell at me at once. It scares me.

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