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Letters of the Week: April 18 - April 22

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  1. Tobias Hess's Avatar
    Forecast: Reversed and Remanded
    Back to square one and nothing will be implemented during the remaining months of the Obama administration. The so-called Executive Actions on immigration were in reality smoke & mirrors.
  2. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    In the wake of Donald Trump's April 19 victory in the New York primary, bringing him dangerously closer to winning the Republican presidential nomination and the chance of facing Hillary Clinton, very possibly the weakest Democratic opponent since George McGovern, in the general election, it is even more urgent to look at Trump's extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric and its implications for the future of American democracy.

    Before the polls closed in New York, I watched the commentary on CNN. I was simply appalled at the focus on nomination trivia, i.e. whether it is "fair" to require Trump to win a majority of the delegates prior to the convention or simply a plurality.

    Entirely absent was even the slightest reference to the actual positions of Trump or any of the other candidates in either party on any of the issues. Is discussing where the various candidates actually stand on anything now completely taboo on cable TV? Or are Trump's positions on immigration and related issues so extreme, so far beyond what presidential candidates in a democracy such as ours normally propose, that CNN and most if not all other TV networks are afraid even to mention them?

    For any type of serious commentary on Trump's anti-immigrant, anti-minority rhetoric and its relation to his addiction to violence and contempt for democratic norms and the rule of law in general, we have to go to the Internet, particularly an incisive, thoughtful commentary by a political scientist by the name of Justin C. Mueller entitled: Triumph of the Will: Taking Donald Trump's Fascism Seriously.

    Here is a sample quote:

    "There is a deep, affective dimension to Trump's candidacy that appeals to a mostly white, racist, xenophobic demographic who feel impotent, but also feel a deep resentment against outsiders ...They long for security and certainty, and feel their world...under attack from...Mexican murder-rapist-druglords who simultaneously want to steal American jobs and do nothing but make 'anchor babies' and collect welfare."

    Mueller continues

    "Trump is not funny any more, because Trump is a fascist, and the 'humor' of a fascist is to 'punch down' on the already marginalized and oppressed while at the same time claiming victimhood. I am not saying that Trump and his ilk would kill millions and lead to another world war...His militaristic and and anti-immigrant talk is becoming infectious...leading to an escalation in the violent rhetoric and proposed policies of the already impressive authoritarianism and racism fueling the base of the GOP...There is a large, angry, racist, xenophobic, reactionary populist segment of the American populace, and they are taking Trump very seriously..."

    It is also worth noting that the above article was published before Trump made his proposal to ban every Muslim on earth from entering the United States purely on the basis of religion, even absent the slightest shred of evidence of terrorist sympathies or associations.

    Maybe it is about time that CNN and the rest of America's "mainstream" media took Trump seriously too - while there is still a norrowing window of time, and before it is too late, when all voices of dissent become silenced under a Donald Trump fascist or proto-fascist dictatorship.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    New York NY
    Updated 04-20-2016 at 09:46 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
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