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Watch "The Dream is Now" if you Need to Be Reminded Why Immigration Reform is So Important

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I just finished watching Davis Guggenheim's beautiful documentary The Dream is Now which premiered yesterday on MSNBC and which can now be streamed online. The documentary film follows several young people all trapped in the same situation - growing up in the United States but having no legal immigration status. The stories are moving and there is, of course, a feeling of optimism as the narrator talks about developments over the last few months. But until we pass immigration reform, none of the individuals profiled can have any peace. Kudos to Mr. Guggenheim for taking on immigration reform after his films An Inconvenient Truth and Waiting for Superman changed public attitudes regarding climate change and education reform. Let's hope his latest effort has the same impact.


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  1. Peggy's Avatar
    Being a Latina it broke my heart to see this documentary since this has been long time coming. It left my heart heavy, having grown up in DISCRIMINATION and being naive to believe that it wasn't as bad now as it was before, I viewed the documentary and realized it is very much alive. Our politicians speak of how financially it would benefit our Country to approve the Dream Act, but everyone that opposes it is not listening or don't care to listen, although they continually blame our President for our financial woes. I was so offended by the man that made the comment "No way Jose" now I ask myself, why is it whenever we speak about Immigration do they always makes reference to Latinos, do they understand "Immigration" is for all races? I can't help but believe they are oppose to Latinos more than Immigration. I want too also say it was a very well presented documentary, but I would like to voice an observation, I think it would have better served the petition that we show the different races that are affected, instead of always the Latinos. As for the young women/men my prayers and best wishes and I know we will triumph!
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