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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Rubio Makes Up His Mind - He's Owning the Bill

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Looks like the Florida Senator really does want to be the next President. He'll be on seven - SEVEN! - Sunday morning news shows talking up the immigration bill that will be unveiled next Tuesday. According to the Washington Post:

Look for Marco Rubio to throw his full support -- and star power --
behind the bipartisan immigration compromise bill that could be
announced in the next several days. The question is, will his support
for the far-reaching overhaul of the nation's immigration system
alienate the conservative wing of the party and damage Rubio's chances
at higher office, or will it help cement his position as a leading
Republican candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination?

According to Politico, the Republican Florida senator is planning to
promote the bill on political talk shows starting this weekend, and will
reach out to conservative radio hosts and lobby for the plan on
Spanish-language news outlets.

One Senate Democratic aide told Politico Thursday: "In poker terms, he has gone all in."

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  1. CIR2013's Avatar
  2. Tobias's Avatar
    "If you are undocumented here now, if you are illegally in the U.S., that you can't even apply for this until these plans are in place and they begin to implement them," Rubio said. "And then you're going to have to pay a fine. You're going to have to pay an application fee. You're going to have to pass a background check."

    Read more here:

    One more time: assuming the immigration reform bill is signed into law by President Obama on the Fourth of July (to make this reality show more spectacular), then it is fair to assert that the 20+ million unlawful present immigrants living in the US from that day cannot longer be considered "illegals" (except those who are convicted felons or are requested by the authorities)...but what is gonna happen with these people before this law is implemented? Can they seek employment without the necessity of using fake documents? What about the so-called benchmarks? What if war erupts in the Korean Peninsula and/or the Persian Gulf tomorrow? What about a total economic collapse of the US economy in the coming months?

    In a few words, a REALITY SHOW at its best!
  3. George Chell's Avatar
    First, Fourth of July deadline is not going to happen. More like fourth of January 2014 if it happens at all. Secondly, if the legislation does not revoke Section 214(b) and does not restrict the power of the consular officers to deny visa other than for terrorism, all the ranting and raving about skilled immigration is of academic interest. All it will do is that single people with no significant others who have been denied a chance to migrate through skilled visas or extended family visas, if abolished will try to get a US citizen or permanent resident spouse (Indians are good at this through arranged marriages) and clog up the family first category. It is a real miracle, that faced with shortages of men (or so they claim), African American women have not looked to Africa and Caribbean for spouses...whether they think it is cultural difference or beneath them I do not know. Had they done so, there will be at least a half a million folks migrating every year through family first and the bigots such as Sessions, Rohrbacher and Steve King as well Michelle "the Bigot" Bachmann would be trying to curb marriage visas like they are doing now in the UK. I am afraid without repealing Section 214(b) demand for family first is going to increase sharply and the same bigots mentioned above will try to do the same here in the US. Researchers at some international organization that I will not mention here had found out in the past two months that more and more educated UK citizens are migrating to places such as Hong Kong and Australia and even the US because spousal visas were refused. This is significantly increasing brain drain from the UK...something no newspaper wants to talk about although they continuously says that brain drain has reached crisis proportions....needless to say one of them is my doctor in Singapore who is a citizen of the UK. Two of the folks mentioned below wont tell the newspaper the whole story..actually their spousal visas were denied...again I will not name names here.

    We really need to repeal Section 214(b) and specifically prohibit the consular officers from substituting any other regulation in the place of Section 214(b).
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