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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Senate Bill to be Introduced on Tuesday

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This is coming from multiple sources. It can always slip, but that's the date to watch.Some think the leaked provisions may be exaggerated to lower expectations. First hearing may be on 4/25. Committee markup in may. Senate floor vote in June. House may wait until July to see how things go in the Senate.

A few things we're hearing -

New green card category based on merit factors (may be replacing the lottery)

Spouses and children of green card holders will be immediate relatives

Cut off date for legalization program will be for those who entered before the end of 2011

New anti-staffing company provisions in various employment-based visa categories

All backlogged family cases will be cleared within ten years.

Legalized applicants will be able to file green cards in ten years and for citizenship three years later

Benchmarks for enforcement will need to be hit, though there may be some flexibility there


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  1. George Chell's Avatar

    Pardon my ignorance. What is a staffing company?
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    Believe this is the most comprehensive coverage of the proposals...

    This is particularly interesting...

    "At the end of 10 years, the bill would create a program offering 138,000 merit-based visas each year to foreigners based on their work skills, but also on other considerations including family ties. Green cards will be offered to workers in three categories: high-skilled foreigners in technology and science, employees with a middle range of white collar skills, and low-wage workers."
  3. Greg's Avatar
    George - It is a company that provides workers to another company. For example, hospitals often use nurse staffing companies because they need a guaranteed source of RNs or the hospital could face closure. Most people in the immigration debate think staffing just involves IT but many industries have moved to a staffing model so they can focus on their core expertise.
  4. CuriousJorge's Avatar
    What about EB backlogs?
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