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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Rubio Hard to Read on Immigration Bill

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He's part of the Gang of Eight, but he hardly is the cheerleader that we see with some of the others in that group. The AP has an interesting story looking at the unique position Marco Rubio finds himself and why his presidential ambitions depend on him getting it just right.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    Some people familiar with the process here tell me that there are disagreements among the GOP members of the Gang of Eight!
  2. my2cents's Avatar
    It seems to be a bill catering to the undocumented. I would like to see the serious reforms being made to EB category.
  3. Greg's Avatar
    There will be lots of important changes on the employment side. But they aren't making the news.
  4. George Chell's Avatar
    From what I hear family visas are a sticking point between Rubio and Graham and they need to resolve that.
  5. George Chell's Avatar
    And one more thing...if we did not have illegals to deal with, they will be pushing to cut legal immigration, not increase it...just look at any country in Europe, particularly the UK. In Australia, the opposition is in favor of more employment based immigration only for political reasons, not on principle...why? Because Julia Gillard wants to restrict temporary employment visas. Until two years ago, the opposition wanted to cut legal immigration...they did not have any illegals to deal with...everyone needs a scapegoat.
  6. The Truth's Avatar
    Mass chain family immigration is stupid and a waste and serves no one, move those numbers to those having studied in this country, the stark difference of the number of greencards for EB vs Family is disgraceful
  7. Jack's Avatar
    Rubio doesn't want to *look like* a cheerleader but is committed to provisional legal status (de facto permanent residency). That's the measure of an open border guy and he's completely abandoned his prior rule of law position. Mickey Kaus has written several pieces which expose Rubio's game:

    Since the trigger stuff is meaningless and mere posturing, Rubio's only real sticking point might be guest workers:

    So I guess he's basically a Bushie on immigration now. Not sure what he thinks of the new "guest worker" model in which they can get green cards. That's just more immigration but I guess they think if they falsely call it temporary it will fool people who don't like higher immigration but can tolerate guest workers because they think those people will go home. It's not like the media will expose the con.

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