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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Politico Offers Details of House Immigration Plan

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While all the focus for the last few weeks has been on the Senate bill, the House Gang of Eight has been quietly working on its own immigration plan and there could be some important differences. One relates to the path to citizenship. The House plan could take as long as 20 years while the Senate's is 13 years. The House apparently would impose a benchmark on security that must be met before a guest worker program and the legalization program could be fully implemented.

Another question that must be resolved in the House is how the bill will proceed. The Judiciary, Homeland Security and Education committees all have jurisdiction over certain aspects of the bill. But there is concern that if Judiciary gets full responsibility, some hardliners on that committee could try and derail the bill. That's why Chairman Goodlatte's shift to a more moderate position in the last few months has been important in allaying some fears about Judiciary getting to mark up the bill. But it is still not clear that there are enough moderate Republicans plus the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to get a bill reasonably similar to the Senate bill through to the floor.

Politico reports another possibility - that there will be an informal process of House Republicans working out language of a bill outside the Judiciary Committee and bringing it up directly for a floor debate. Chairman Goodlatte has been working behind the scenes in the House to avoid this and have a regular legislative markup.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    An article yesterday in WP by Nakamura said that the Senate bill wants to establish a new bureaucracy to set the numbers...wont fly in this era of budget cuts. I think they should let the Federal Reserve provide the research...not a new bureaucracy funded by taxpayers. Secondly, the House proposal does not talk anything about legal immigration. Anything that cuts the numbers will not fly either.
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    So as this things usually work out and it is a negotiation they will probably split the difference and make it 15 years....
  3. S's Avatar
    There is nothing in the bill to eliminate or reduce current backlogs. Country quotas are going to remain there for legals with so called point based system. Country quotas with point based system will make it next to impossible for Indians to immigrate to US legally unless you are a real Genius.
  4. George Chell's Avatar
    S: They ae not talking anything about legal immigration in the piece...all about illegals. Let us see what happens.
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