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Letters of the Week: September 19 - September 25

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  1. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    One way of contrasting Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's views on immigration might be as follows.

    Clinton has called Trump's (generally anti-immigrant) supporters a "basket of deplorables".

    Trump, on the other hand could not unfairly be called the candidate who regards as many as 12 million unauthorized immigrants as a "basket of deportables".

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 09-20-2016 at 07:38 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  2. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Even Bill Clinton knows that there is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants. Trump may well view illegal immigrants as a basket of deportables, but you have not given any reason for thinking that he would include immigrants with lawful status in the basket.
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    I have clarified my comment. There is no indication that Trump wants to deport all immigrants, including legal ones. He might want to cut off or drastically reduce all future legal immigration, which would certainly be deplorable, but not deportable.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
  4. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    According to PEW figures, our immigration judges can't keep up with the number of aliens put in removal proceedings by the Obama Administration. Unless our laws are modified, which Trump would not be able to do without Congressional help, Trump will not be able to deport any more aliens than Obama has. If you want more information about this situation, see my blog in Monday's
  5. MJC's Avatar
    Hillary is 100 times worse in my opinion!
    Any comments on her? There's plenty out there!
  6. John Smart's Avatar
    Maybe learn to spell ?egregious? next time.
  7. Avalyn's Avatar
    Thank you.
  8. BonnieN's Avatar
    I must tell you, these blog posts about Trump are quite offensive. I respect you, and am telling you that some of your audience does not believe that Trump is a liar and in fact possibly believe that he has some valid points about the -loose immigration policies of the last decade. The Washington Post (and NY Times, etc) are extremely liberal-biased papers, which is why some people dismiss them as valid sources.

    Just another perspective. I'd hate to see you alienate some of your audience with these posts.
  9. MarkH's Avatar
    Why do you lie to your readers ? Please Explain. Do you think that the American People are stupid? All YOU DO is lie and lie and liie again. Do you ever tell the truth? Tell me do you believe anything from the Media and Washington DC. YOU make me laugh with your LIAR INCORPORATION Statements and YOU don't say a thing about Hilllary Clinton's Corruption. She been in government for so long what has she done. (NOTHING) The Bush Family and the Clinton Family has destroyed the USA along with the 8 years of Obama. We should make the USA great again and Donald Trump will do it if Congress don't get in his way.

    Wise up ILW.COM you are spreading poison to your readers. One Day the government will stop you.
  10. JimD's Avatar
    Be fair and also point out how Hillary lies.
  11. Anne Sedki's Avatar
    Dear Editor,

    In response to the recent articles being printed, particularly the one printed on September 20, 2016 entitled "Liar Trump," I would like to remind you that Immigration practitioners such as myself are on the email list to receive news relating to Immigration. I do not appreciate your writers using Immigration Daily to print their political opinions, specifically their choice of political candidate, and push a particular political agenda. Writing an article about Trump's lies is very bias (as there has been just as much lying, if not more, by the Clinton camp) and should not be sent to your readers. If I wanted to read these headlines, I would read the New York Times.

    I ask that you choose the articles that relate exclusively to Immigration and leave the political nonsense to the unreliable media.

    Thank you,

    Anne Sedki
  12. arztin's Avatar
    I listen, and I analyze. It helps to have had psychiatric training. He is a pitiful example of a candidate. Those that think he tells it true probably thought Nixon was truthful.
  13. Julian Ortuondo's Avatar
    I went to a voting event called by the American Embassy in Buenos Aires. When I got there, I was banned to get in to vote, against what even our passport reads, first page: “The Secretary of State… permit to pass without delay…” Actually, ambassador Mamet with his gang harassed me and even asked for the help of the local Federal Police to do so, by whom I was hit and my passport temporarily confiscated by them, while my spouse was being harassed by a member of the Embassy security across the street (I have the photos), who tried to confiscate her cell phone! Every person of the Embassy hid their badges, knowing their wrongdoings but, again, I have the photos.
    Bottom line, since Mr. Obama and his friend Mamet seem to try to hide the scam to my spouse and all their dirty tricks, sweeping the dirt under the carpet, I will denounce this violation of our human rights in our own soil, Argentina, to the Argentina Minister of Security and Human Rights and the local Congress, explaining the mafia behavior of the Ambassador with the complicity of the Police, in violation even to our American law.
    And, FEDEX this denounce to the Supreme Court of the United States, also my Country of citizenship, our Congressmen, and Mr. Donald Trump, explaining how the present Democrat Executive Power exercises violence against Senior American citizens overseas.
    American employees in the Argentina Embassy walk the streets of my Country every day; we are the hosts and they should be good guests, since we may face each other on the streets as it happened with Mr. Mamet lately, when I had the chance to tell my compatriots in front of him of how they mistreat and scam us in the Buenos Aires American Embassy. I will also let the local press know. It’s a matter of time. Justice shall prevail. It is a bad move to mistreat locals, trust me.
    God bless America.

    Julian Ortuondo
    Senior American Citizen
  14. RossiL's Avatar
    That was a wonderful article thanks. No one wants to believe that Donald is lying, they don't even want to at least check all the facts that you mentioned. Donald Trump lies every time he opens his mouth.
    Item #5 of Donald Trump's immigration policies DEPORT DEFERRED ACTION CHILD ARRIVAL KIDS. What a terrible crime that will be. Many immigration lawyer have made lots of money helping DACA kids, No criminal background, wonderful students. Obama gave them identity, life and dignity. They can work legally, they drive legally and they are now part of our work force. Donald wants to take it away. For that item alone I will vote for Hillary. SHAME ON DONALD AND THE PEOPLE SUPPORTING HIM. Look who is endorsing Trump KKK, Vladimir Putin and the North Korea guy, you know Kim Jong-un. Be careful. Illegal Immigration has been very profitable for a lot of lawyers. Is like the energizer keeps going and going from ILLEGAL TO RESIDENT, TO CITIZEN TO PETITION FOR FAMILY MEMBERS ETC. $$$$$if SOME ONE GETS IN DEPORTATION PROCEEDINGS WOW THERE IS MORE MONEY THERE, MOST LAWYERS START AT $10.000, so if the judges don't know what to do that means lawyers are making money. $$$$$$$
  15. hunterwilliam3310's Avatar
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