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Letters of the Week: November 14 - November 18

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  1. Julian Ortuondo's Avatar
    Well, I was right... Democrats lost. It was also for their arrogance with immigration and diplomats. As I kept saying, fake ambassador Noah Mamet ( BANNED ME FROM VOTING and harassed us at the Embassy sidewalk. OK, this is only the beginning...
  2. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    The Democrats actually won the presidential election by some 2 million votes, but were deprived of the presidency by an antiquated, pointless system known as the electoral college for the second time in 16 years.

    But let's put that behind us and look ahead. What is in store for America in general and immigration in particular? We know only a few things so far, none of them reassuring.

    First, Trump has promised to begin ethnic cleansing of up to 3 million non-white "criminal" immigrants as soon as he takes office. If he gets away with that, what reason is there to think he will stop and not try to lock up and kick out the remaining 8 or 9 million non-criminal illegal immigrants, while also hunting down and locking up millions of Americans who might be "harboring" or "assisting" them, by say, giving a tip to a taxi driver or restaurant worker who looks "foreign" and doesn't speak English well?

    Second, would an administration that is committed to mass expulsion of non-white illegal immigrants be willing to let new ones in by giving them legal visas? To answer that, we should ask confirmed anti-immigrant figures such as Senator Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, both of whom are reportedly in line for high posts in the new administration, and a far right, if not actually alt-right member of his inner circle, Stephen Bannon, Trump's newly appointed Senior Strategist and Adviser.

    Certainly, there are some decent Republican "moderates" who believe in our constitution and in a color-blind society around Trump too. Will he listen to them?

    Or are we on the way to becoming an Apartheid America?

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 11-15-2016 at 10:48 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  3. Julian Ortuondo's Avatar
    Democrats lost. Period. No excuses.
  4. Julian Ortuondo's Avatar
    And, actually nobody cared about violations to the law in immigrations issues that I posted. Maybe the new administratin will...
  5. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    With regard to the November 17 Immigration Daily Editorial Assault on Employers, the draconian policies of anti-immigrant hate which we may be likely to see attempted in the coming administration are more than an assault against employers. They are an assault against America itself and against everything this country stands for.

    If these policies are implemented, they would be, in the words of the great 1st Century A.D. Roman poet Lucan (Marcus Annaeus Lucanus):

    iusque datum sceleri canimus

    ("I sing of infamy made into law.")

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 11-17-2016 at 04:29 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  6.'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Julian Ortuondo
    Democrats lost. Period. No excuses.
    If there is apartheid, then, there is no America
    Immigration is what makes it Grand: United we win, divide we fall
  7. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    See my 11/20/2016 blog post for the link to an 11/19/2016 Huffington Post story regarding the despicable slurs that Attorney General designate Senator Jeff Sessions reportedly made in a 2006 Senate speech about immigrants from the Dominican Republic.

    According to the Huffpost story, Sessions said that a large number of Dominican immigrants engage in sham marriages to gain legal status in the US and that few if any of them have skills to contribute to American society.

    Sounds as if no one told him about Dominican-American Oscar de la Renta.

    Is this the kind of anti-immigrant hate that America can look forward to from its chief law enforcement officer during the next four years?

    Given that he was appointed by a president-elect who based his campaign on hate against Latino, Muslim and other non-white immigrants and who has promised to conduct ethnic cleansing of alleged "criminal" immigrants (for what crimes - DUI, shoplifting or disorderly conduct?) on an unprecedented scale as soon as he takes office, it might not be hard to figure out the answer.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 11-20-2016 at 12:02 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
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