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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Mother Jones' Kevin Drum is not Buying AFL-CIO Line

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The AFL-CIO issued a press release this afternoon trying to deflect accusations that it is trying to kill immigration reform by claiming that it's really the Chamber that is to blame. But when Mother Jones, the far left newsmagazine isn't buying it, you know it's time to surrender.

For those not familiar with the AFL-CIO's unreasonable demand, they are pushing to require employers have to pay guest workers far more than the wages they pay similarly employed American workers. The Chamber is just requesting that they be required to pay the same. Who can blame the Chamber for not accepting this rotten deal? This, on top of the AFL-CIO's outrageous demands on limiting the size of the program to barely enough to cover the needs of one state, much less the whole country, and to only cover completely unskilled workers, means one thing - the AFL-CIO does not like immigrants. Plain and simple. They should at least be honest about it. Their members who are posting in the comments section of their web pages don't seem to have a problem admitting it.

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  1. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    AFL-CIO seems to be going the way of the past. It is sad, but if the formerly venerable organization can't turn itself to protect the most downtrotten of the society, it really stands no chance. It weird to be on the side of the Chamber of Commerce, but they are right.
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    Funny, the only folks buying the arguments of AFL-CIO are the most liberal Senator in the US congress Sanders and among the most racist ones Sessions. In this regard, Jeff "the Southern Secessionist" Sessions and Bernie "Braindead" Sanders have fallen of the left and right cliff, come one full circle and met on the way down! Of course I am not minimizing the role of Charles "the Assinine" Grassley in all this.
  3. aaaa's Avatar
  4. Sam's Avatar
    You cannot get a blank check for everything. Pro immigrants wants 11 to 15 million illegal immigrants legalized. Unlimited high skilled and low skilled workers every year. It is a result of greediness. The protection for American workers is not bad at all while admitting guest workers. If no compromise entire CIR will fail. The failure of CIR is not loss for AFL-CIO but for chambers. So the ball is always on the court of Chambers. Either they can take some thing or nothing but not everything
  5. George Chell's Avatar
    The so-called protection of American workers will lead to more jobs shipped abroad and will be a loss to the AFL-CIO. So, Sam be my guest!
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