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Letters of the Week: June 26 - July 2

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  1. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    In the short time that he has been president, Donald Trump has without doubt succeeded in creating shock, fear and anxiety with the sheer harshness, cruelty and vindictiveness of his policies toward many different classes of immigrants: Muslims banned from entering the country because of their religion; Latinos branded as criminals and drug dealers while being torn away from their homes, businesses and families and incarcerated as part of the president's mass deportation agenda; and, perhaps most despicable of all, Trump's horrifying betrayal of over 1,000 Iraqi Christians and members of other minority Middle Eastern religions who cheered his victory in the electoral college (while losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton) on election night and trusted his promise to protect them from persecution by the inhuman monsters known as ISIS and other Islamist terrorists in their own countries- only to be locked up and made ready to be sent back to the almost certain risk of torture, death and genocide in Iraq.

    But beyond the sheer heartlessness and lack of humanity in his actions toward the minority immigrants whose non-white, European ethnicities and religious beliefs he and his top advisers such as Jeff Sessions, Stephen Bannon, Stephen Miller and, formerly, Michael Flynn, are so anxious to ethnically cleanse from America, lies and even more ominous tone in the rhetoric that Trump and his top officials are using to stir up public hatred against the targeted immigrant groups.

    An example is the June 28 official statement of Attorney General Jeff Sessions urging passage of two bills pending in Congress which seek to punish "Sanctuary Jurisdictions" for refusing to toe the line of assisting the president's ethnic cleansing mass deportation agenda.

    A look at this statement can only bring up disturbing parallels with the propaganda of 1930's Germany branding all Jews as incorrigible and dangerous criminals.

    This is not to say that there is a one-to-one comparison between the Trump administration's anti- immigrant rhetoric and the anti-Semitic propaganda of 1930's Germany; obviously the latter was far more intense and was meant to lead to the total extinction of the Jews.

    The Trump administration is only interested in mass deportation and exclusion of unwanted non-white ethnic and religious groups - not genocide, and this is a very big difference.

    But the similarities of tone in the rhetoric used against the targeted minorities in both instances cannot be overlooked.

    To be continued.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
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